NFT Discounts on Shopify Go Stellar with The Blue Marble App

April 18, 2023

The Blue Marble, a leading Web3 and NFT solutions provider, announces the launch of their new Shopify App that enables store owners to offer exclusive discounts to customers who hold their NFTs. This groundbreaking app allows businesses on Shopify, the world’s leading e-commerce platform, to leverage the power of Web3 technology in driving customer loyalty.

The Shopify NFT Discount App provides a range of features that allow store owners to create unlimited discount codes for products, collections, or overall checkout basket amounts. It ensures that only holders of the brand’s NFTs can access these discounts and integrates seamlessly into the store’s theme.

“Our Shopify NFT Discount App is a major milestone in The Blue Marble’s journey to bring Web3 customer loyalty programs to life. By leveraging the power of Stellar’s carbon neutral blockchain, we’re transforming the way Shopify store owners connect with their customers and build lasting brand loyalty,” said Steve Walker, Founder and CEO of The Blue Marble.

With the cost of acquiring new customers via paid advertising steadily increasing and loyalty being the key to business success, Web3 based loyalty programmes provide an innovative and cost-effective solution for “challenger” e-commerce brands to engage and retain their customers.

Steve adds “Big-name brands with deep pockets dominated the first wave of NFT drops. Our solution levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes, allowing innovative brands to gain a competitive advantage by tapping into the exciting possibilities of this emerging technology.”

To celebrate the launch, The Blue Marble is offering a limited number of Fully Managed Subscriptions at a 50% discount worth over $3,000 each to Shopify store owners for the next 7 days. Interested store owners should contact the company at [email protected].

For more information about The Blue Marble’s NFT Discount App:

About The Blue Marble

The Blue Marble simplifies NFTs and Web3 for digital marketers and brands, making it easy to create and launch customer loyalty programs that foster genuine connections.

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