Noname Security Introduces Active Testing V2: The Complete API Security Testing Solution

July 5, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Noname Security, a leading provider of API security solutions, has announced the general availability of Active Testing V2.
  • Active Testing is an integral part of the Noname API Security Platform, offering the easiest, most advanced, and comprehensive API security testing solution on the market.
  • The latest version of Active Testing enables organizations to “shift left” in their security practices, identify vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle, foster faster innovation, and ensure compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.
  • With most APIs going untested for security, Active Testing empowers organizations to add API security seamlessly into their development processes, leaving no API untested and protecting critical data.


Noname Security, the leading provider of complete API security solutions, has announced the general availability of Active Testing V2. As a crucial component of the Noname API Security Platform, Active Testing represents the most advanced and comprehensive API security testing solution available. Building on the success of the pioneering original version, Active Testing V2 allows industry leaders to further embrace the “shift left” approach, preventing vulnerabilities from reaching production, fostering faster innovation, and ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

The Challenge: Security Testing for APIs Comes Too Late

In today’s landscape, most APIs are not thoroughly tested for security before being deployed in production. While quality assurance (QA) processes focus on functionality, security testing tools have limitations that result in most APIs being overlooked. Consequently, organizations unknowingly leave APIs vulnerable, despite handling critical data such as personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), or financial data like payment card industry (PCI) data.

Forward-thinking organizations have adopted “shift left” and “DevSecOps” methodologies to incorporate security earlier in the development lifecycle. However, traditional testing tools and approaches were not designed to address API security, leaving organizations exposed. The current challenges include:

  • Traditional testing approaches lack an understanding of the complex business logic that both makes APIs work and makes them vulnerable. Many testing solutions rely on brute-forcing techniques, focusing mainly on functionality and basic vulnerabilities.
  • Additionally, many APIs go unidentified by security testing tools, resulting in them not being tested at all. This lack of “reachability” hampers comprehensive testing, including both functional aspects (e.g., “HTTP 200 OK” status) and logical responses (e.g., expected values in the response body).
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) requires specific calibration to programming languages, demands significant expertise for setup, offers limited coverage of business logic, and can take days to produce results.

Shifting Left with API Security: Secure From the Start

Noname Security’s Active Testing is a purpose-built API security testing solution that enables organizations to seamlessly integrate API security into their application development processes, including continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) integration and dynamic or static API specification analysis. By complementing existing security tooling and processes, Active Testing empowers organizations to:

  • Leave no API untested by leveraging a unique understanding of an application’s business logic to find and test every API comprehensively.
  • “Shift left” with integrations across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC), providing dynamic API visibility at multiple states and environments throughout the CI/CD process.
  • Empower developers with best-in-class usability, including simple setup and automation, in-line test results, and contextual guidance for mitigating request failures.

According to Shay Levi, CTO & Co-Founder of Noname Security, testing API security during development is financially prudent. Addressing API issues earlier in the lifecycle can reduce remediation costs by a factor of 10 to 100. Given the rising costs associated with code rewrites, regulatory fines, product delays, brand impacts, and shareholder value drops after breaches, it’s clear why industry leaders are proactively addressing API security during development.

Eliminating Vulnerabilities with Noname Active Testing

Noname Security’s Active Testing was specifically built to address the challenges of testing APIs for security vulnerabilities. It offers the following key features:

  • Developer-friendly user experience ensuring comprehensive coverage and adoption.
  • Seamless integration with development processes, including CI/CD pipelines, dynamic and static specification analysis, and more.
  • Over 160 security tests for business-logic exploits, including the OWASP API Top Ten.
  • Best-in-class reachability, adapting to the unique business logic of APIs and applications.
  • API lifecycle and environment awareness, allowing for easy identification of vulnerability introduction and prioritization of review.
  • Support for all major API types, including GraphQL.

In addition to Active Testing, Noname Security continues to innovate across the entire Noname API Security Platform, introducing additional capabilities for securing Kubernetes clusters, eBPF functionality, inline remediation options, integrations, and further customization using AI/ML.

To learn more about Active Testing and how it can help organizations deliver secure APIs faster, visit

About Noname Security

Noname Security is the leading provider of the most complete, proactive API Security solution. The company collaborates with 25% of the Fortune 500, covering all aspects of API security, including Discovery, Posture Management, Runtime Protection, and API Security Testing. As a privately-held organization with headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, and offices in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam, Noname Security is committed to helping organizations safeguard their APIs and critical data.

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