OCB Shines at 10th Global Brand Awards, Earns ‘Excellence in Retail Banking’ and ‘Best Digital Banking Brand’ Titles

June 14, 2023

Key Highlights:

  1. Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB) secures two prestigious accolades at the 10th Global Brand Awards.
  2. The bank received ‘Excellence in Retail Banking’ and ‘Best Digital Banking Brand’ honours.
  3. These recognitions affirm OCB’s commitment to customer service, innovation, and strategic growth.

OCB’s Momentous Win at Global Brand Awards

The 10th edition of the Global Brand Awards saw Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB) achieving remarkable success, securing two esteemed accolades for the year 2022 in Vietnam. The bank was honoured with ‘Excellence in Retail Banking’ and ‘Best Digital Banking Brand’ titles, furthering its reputation in the banking sector.

Global Recognition for Outstanding Brands

The Global Brand Awards, organised by the UK-based Global Brands Magazine (GBM), celebrates global brands exhibiting exceptional performance across various sectors annually. The awards also serve as a platform to keep readers informed about significant trends in the branding world. OCB’s recognition was determined by factors such as customer service, satisfaction, digital innovation, strategic relationships, and new business development.

Jay Reddy, Director of Global Brands Magazine, commended OCB’s significant achievements, stating that it’s rare for a bank to secure two prestigious awards in a single financial year. He praised OCB’s robust financial performance, innovative services, and commitment to customer service.

OCB’s Future in Retail and Digital Banking

Nguyen Van Huong, Deputy CEO of Retail Division of Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank, commented on OCB’s recent victory, highlighting the bank’s focus on the retail segment as a strategy for sustainable growth with lower risk and scaling benefits. “We aim to build a personalized, digital banking system for each customer, offering services via smart mobile applications or computer platforms, and every process will be 100% digitized,” Nguyen added.

About OCB

Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB), established on 10 June 1996, operates with over 200 business units spread across all regions and key economic centres in Vietnam. Recognised as one of the first three banks to complete risk management items according to the Basel II international standards, OCB has achieved the highest-ranking level in Vietnam today according to Moody’s Investors Service. In terms of growth rate, safety, and efficiency, OCB leads among private banks in Vietnam. The bank has consistently prioritized operational efficiency, cost control, and improvement of business efficiency.

About Global Brands Magazine

Global Brands Magazine (GBM) features news, views, and opinions on brands shaping their industries’ future, with a focus on strategies and success stories. GBM’s awards series acknowledges companies with a unique vision, exceptional service, innovative solutions, and consumer-centric products. With over 9.5 million monthly visitors and 14 million page views, GBM is one of the most esteemed online magazines globally.

About the Global Brand Awards

The Global Brand Awards, an annual event that celebrates the world’s leading brands, honours outstanding performances in various categories like innovation, sustainability, customer experience, and more. The awards serve as a platform to showcase best practices in branding, marketing, and customer engagement. Last year’s Global Brand Awards Night, the 10th edition, took place at the Waldorf Astoria in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, and was attended by nearly 100 companies and around 150 delegates from across the globe.

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