Ogi Enhances Customer Connectivity with Localz Technology

February 21, 2023

Localz, leading expert in customer empowerment technology for the last mile, has been selected by Ogi, Wales’s fastest-growing homegrown broadband provider, to enhance its customer experience. Using Localz technology, Ogi brings a connected customer experience to broadband installation appointments.

With remote working the new norm, broadband providers are under pressure to deliver and provide quality broadband services around the clock. As rural areas around the United Kingdom are still catching up with urban areas, Ogi is on a mission to ensure that Welsh Communities benefit from a broadband infrastructure they deserve. Ogi is dedicated to delivering ultrafast and ultra-reliable broadband to homes and businesses across the south Wales region. The broadband provider wanted to ensure that reliability and speed were reflected in all parts of its services, starting at the initial installation. Ogi needed to find a platform that could deliver a friendly, digital-first customer experience that met modern consumer expectations.

Localz was selected to provide automated communications, technician tracking, and real-time feedback around installation appointments. Localz’ automated ETA and tracking enable Ogi to provide real-time updates on appointments and receive feedback from customers. The customer portal has support for multiple languages, allowing Ogi to meet its commitment to provide hyperlocal service across Wales. Localz technology provides some of the below key features:

  • Real-time tracking – customers will be kept in the loop when their operative arrives with ETA tracking.
  • Automated communication – automated ETA notifications will be sent to customers based on a technician’s geolocation.
  • Job details – customers will be provided with up-to-date job details, as well as the installer’s name and photo.
  • Automated feedback – following each installation, the customer will automatically be sent a feedback form to rate their customer experience.

“Working with Localz has been a breath of fresh air. Localz integrated with our existing software, making it easy to track engineers to their job. What’s great about Localz is that customers can see their appointment details, see where the engineer is and provide feedback on the same platform,” explains Louise Healey, Head of Service Operations at Ogi.

“In recent years reliable and fast broadband speeds have become critical to every household business across the UK. We love Ogi’s mission and are delighted to provide fast and reliable customer communications to improve the overall customer experience at installation that leaves customers feeling empowered in the digital-first world,” said Tim Andrew, CEO of Localz.

About Ogi

Ogi is one of Wales’s leading homegrown broadband providers, and on a mission to power-up online life, being a real driving force for digital change in communities right across south Wales.

Their £200m business plan is to bring Wales up to speed, breathing new life into a tired, overburdened infrastructure that’s been underperforming for the people of Wales for far too long.

They recently announced the next 28 communities to benefit from their first phase – with new Local Authorities in Bridgend, Caerphilly, Rhondda Cynon Taf and Newport, joining the towns and villages in Pembrokeshire, Monmouthshire and the Vale of Glamorgan already benefiting from Ogi’s investment.

For more information: https://www.ogi.wales/

About Localz

Localz is the innovator of customer empowerment technology, helping companies to deliver frictionless customer experiences on the day of service.

Opportunities for engagement are opportunities for empowerment. Localz provides digital customer engagement tools, combining real-time location tracking and interactive customer communications. Taking the complexity out of the last mile, Localz offers businesses configurable solutions that bolt on to existing tech stacks seamlessly to improve customer satisfaction while reducing no-access and other operational costs.

Localz technology serves the entire customer journey. Developed for flexibility, businesses can select and seamlessly integrate Localz modules at any point in their workflow to improve operations and empower their customers.

Countless companies use Localz across various service and retail organisations, including Watford Housing, Fairhive Homes, Clarion Housing, Autoglass, Welsh Water, RAC, HSS Hire, and Rentokil.

For more information: www.localz.com

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