Omnicom Strengthens Financial Services Expertise with Acquisition of Ptarmigan Media

July 19, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Omnicom Media Group, a division of Omnicom, has acquired Ptarmigan Media, a specialist agency offering comprehensive media and marketing solutions to financial services brands.
  • Ptarmigan Media, founded in 1993, provides integrated media planning and buying, market research, search and social, as well as content and creative services.
  • The acquisition aims to combine Omnicom Media Group’s global strength and technologies with Ptarmigan’s deep expertise in serving financial services clients.
  • Ptarmigan Media will continue operating as an independent brand within Omnicom Media Group, led by its existing management team.

About Ptarmigan Media:

Ptarmigan Media is a market-leading financial services media agency, catering to sectors such as Asset Management, Life and Pensions, Banking, Trading and Platforms, Wealth Management, Fintech, and Insurance. Headquartered in London, the agency operates globally with offices in Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, and Tokyo. Their team of over 100 media professionals enables clients to connect with B2B and B2C audiences in the world’s leading financial centers.

Offering strategic planning, paid advertising, social media management, analytics, and content creation, Ptarmigan Media helps leading financial brands establish meaningful connections with their key customers.

About Omnicom Media Group:

Omnicom Media Group (OMG) is the media services division of Omnicom, a leading global marketing and corporate communications company. With the Omni marketing orchestration system, OMG delivers transformative experiences for consumers, clients, and talent. OMG’s full-service media agencies, including OMD, PHD, and Hearts & Science, leverage best-in-class capabilities to provide relevant and actionable consumer experiences, proactive client experiences, and rewarding talent experiences across the globe.

Integration of Expertise and Resources:

The acquisition of Ptarmigan Media by Omnicom Media Group brings together two entities with a shared understanding of the complexities of the modern media landscape. Florian Adamski, CEO of Omnicom Media Group, highlights the ability to navigate this landscape effectively and drive business growth for clients by combining the global strength, tools, and technologies of Omnicom Media Group with Ptarmigan’s three-decade-long category expertise in the financial sector.

The collaboration aims to deliver an unprecedented depth of financial services industry expertise and media buying scale. By leveraging the scope and scale of Omnicom Media Group’s resources and Ptarmigan’s specialized knowledge, clients can expect better outcomes, increased professional opportunities, and accelerated growth.

Empowering Financial Brands:

Ptarmigan CEO Matt Ball emphasizes that the integration with Omnicom Media Group allows the agency to enhance its commitment to clients. The combination of Ptarmigan’s expertise with Omnicom Media Group’s industry-leading tools and technology is expected to have a significant impact on delivering value to the world’s leading financial brands. This collaboration aims to elevate purpose, planning, and performance, enabling effective connections between clients and the world’s financial decision-makers.

Continued Autonomy and Leadership:

Ptarmigan Media will continue to operate as an independent brand within Omnicom Media Group, maintaining its existing management team. This strategic decision ensures the preservation of Ptarmigan’s distinct identity, expertise, and client-centric approach. The agency’s independence within the Omnicom family allows for agile decision-making and a focus on delivering tailored solutions to financial services clients.


The acquisition of Ptarmigan Media by Omnicom Media Group signifies a significant step towards strengthening Omnicom’s financial services expertise. The integration of Ptarmigan’s specialized knowledge and global reach with Omnicom Media Group’s resources and technologies is expected to deliver enhanced solutions for clients in the financial sector.

As Ptarmigan Media continues its operations as an independent brand within Omnicom Media Group, the collaboration aims to bring purpose, planning, and performance to the forefront, fostering meaningful connections between financial brands and their target audiences.

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