Ondat Outperforms Portworx, With 30+% Performance Advantage That Significantly Reduces Costs for Enterprises

December 16, 2022

Users of cloud-native storage in public clouds know that each processing cycle consumed by the storage application costs money. Thus, greater efficiency equals greater cost savings. Ondat, an enterprise-grade, container-native storage platform, has come out on top in a benchmarking study of the five leading storage providers for cloud-native applications.

In its report, “Performance Benchmarking Database Platforms and Cloud Native Storage Solutions for Kubernetes,” the research firm Architecting IT measured three characteristics: latency, performance (throughput) and consistency (deterministic performance). The first two metrics describe the efficient use of storage resources. The third looks at the variability of performance, highlighting the ability of each storage solution to provide a consistent level of I/O.

Five platforms were tested: Ondat, Portworx from Pure Storage, OpenEBS/cStor, Longhorn and Rook/Ceph. Ondat achieved the best results across all the tests, followed by Portworx. The study looked at three common structured data solutions (Postgres, Redis and MongoDB) and once again ran a series of tests to compare container-native solutions side by side. When testing on Postgres, the data showed Ondat has 32% faster database transaction throughput than Portworx from Pure Storage. Overall, commercial offerings in the test cohort significantly outperformed their open source alternatives.

Cloud-native applications orchestrated with Kubernetes need persistent storage managed from the cluster and applications directly. Container-native storage has emerged as a new category of software-defined storage where the traditional features of data storage (resiliency, data protection, scalability) are built into containers running inside a Kubernetes cluster. This enables deployments to use local storage resources, whether that be physical storage in an on-premises solution or native storage (including NVMe) in public clouds.

“Inefficiency in those public clouds translates into additional costs,” said Chris Evans, founder and principal analyst of Architecting IT. “Those costs compound as systems scale. For this reason, container-native storage must deliver high performance with low latency and minimal overhead to minimize costs, all while maintaining data integrity. Our research concludes that Ondat delivers the most efficient performance for throughput and latency, compared to all the competitor solutions in this test. Ondat delivered the best overall performance but crucially also had the most consistent response times when looking at the outlier data. Portworx performed well and is in a strong second place.”

“When running applications in the cloud, performance equates to cost,” said Richard Olver, CEO of Ondat. “With Ondat’s 30+% performance advantage, this allows our customers to significantly reduce their cloud costs whilst maintaining performance. In addition, moving from more traditional storage systems to a container native storage solution can significantly reduce management costs, and improve reliability and resiliency. According to the Architecting IT benchmarking work, it’s clear that Ondat delivers an obvious advantage over our competitors that translates into real savings for production workloads.”

Read more about the report, the technical distinctions driving Ondat’s performance advantage, and the commercial importance of it on our blog.

About Ondat

Ondat is the Kubernetes-native platform for running stateful applications, anywhere, at scale. Ondat delivers persistent storage directly onto any Kubernetes cluster for running business-critical, stateful applications safely across any public, private and hybrid clouds. For development, DevOps professionals and technology executives, it provides an agnostic platform to run any data service anywhere while ensuring industry-leading levels of application performance, high availability and security.

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