OneTwenty Scales New Heights with ThinCats Funding

July 7, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • OneTwenty, formerly Thimba Media, has secured growth funding from ThinCats.
  • The company, founded in 2016, has shown robust growth, generating over $250,000,000 in revenue for its clients.
  • Through strategic acquisitions, the company has rapidly expanded its market share in the UK and other English-speaking markets.
  • With £9.5m in growth funding, OneTwenty aims to continue its acquisitive growth in 2023.

OneTwenty: Innovating Lead Generation

Founded in 2016 as Thimba Media, OneTwenty is a UK and Ireland-based lead generation technology company that has revolutionized client engagement. In a span of just seven years, the company has implemented a successful buy and build growth strategy, completing multiple strategic acquisitions that have enabled rapid growth. Testament to this growth is the impressive revenue generation for its customers, surpassing $250,000,000.

Strategic Acquisitions Fueling Growth

Since 2020, OneTwenty has integrated four acquisitions focusing on gaining market share in the UK. The acquisitions include assets of Helicon Digital in the UK, Astro Media AB in Sweden, and two more prominent UK companies, Seven Star Digital and Moneta Communications. These strategic acquisitions have significantly contributed to expanding the company’s reach and client base.

Chris Russell, Founder and CEO of OneTwenty, believes that the growth funding will accelerate the company’s market share in the UK and other English-speaking sports publishing markets. “This funding gives us the opportunity to grow our market share in the UK and other English-speaking sports publishing markets to continue serving millions of users annually with best-in-class content products,” he comments.

Financial Support Bolstering Expansion

The growth funding of £9.5m secured from ThinCats is set to propel OneTwenty’s acquisitive growth in 2023. ThinCats has been an enthusiastic supporter of the company’s growth vision. James Osbiston, Director Business Development, ThinCats, expresses his excitement: “We love to fund ambitious entrepreneurs like Chris who have a clear strategy for growth. It was a pleasure working with Bay Advisory on the transaction, and we look forward to seeing the business take advantage of further opportunities.”

Advisory and Future Strategy

OneTwenty’s strategic growth plans and associated funding with ThinCats have been advised by the Bay Advisory team in Dublin and London. Brian McDonald and Michael Tarr, team members of Bay Advisory, shared their enthusiasm: “Bay Advisory is delighted to continue to advise Thimba on the execution of their growth strategy and associated funding with Thin Cats.”

As OneTwenty forges ahead, it continues to underscore the power of lead generation technology in transforming businesses and markets. With a clear vision, strategic partnerships, and robust funding, the company is poised to continue its ascent and consolidate its market leadership in the UK and other English-speaking sports publishing markets.

With a proven track record and ambitious future plans, OneTwenty stands as a testament to innovation, strategic acumen, and the transformative power of technology. The company is set to continue to grow its market share, capitalizing on new opportunities brought about by the ThinCats funding, and serving millions of users annually with its best-in-class content products.

The story of OneTwenty is far from over. As the company moves forward with its strategy of growth through acquisitions, the business world will be eagerly watching to see what heights this innovative company will reach next. With the continued support from ThinCats and the advisory guidance from Bay Advisory, OneTwenty is poised to write a new chapter in its growth story in the coming years.

For more information, visit OneTwenty’s official page or follow their progress via regular updates.

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