Outernet Global and SwivelMeta partner to deliver unique access to web3 for leading brands

October 8, 2022

London based Outernet Global and Austin headquartered SwivelMeta have partnered to enable brands an accessible and unique way to enter into the world of web3.

Creating and delivering metaverse platforms and experiences tailored to each individual brand in line with its requirements – activated with media content, interactive features and e-commerce, SwivelMeta provides the leading clear and practicable route for brand leaders and their organisations to establish their web3 presence and create customer engagement in the space.

At the heart of Outernet London is The Now Building – the most advanced immersive space on the planet. With its unique world-leading digital and screen based technology within its 250,000 sq ft of immersive public and private spaces, Outernet provides the foremost gateway to bridge real world physical experience seamlessly into a fully immersive web3 experience, linking the heart of cities with the infinite possibilities online.

This enables innovative brands to have the largest in-person and experiential platform ever created to launch and propel their web3 innovation.

“We’ve built the only software platform that provides brands with a one-stop-shop on-ramp to web3 and the metaverse,” said Scott Harmon, CEO of SwivelMeta. “But by linking up with a global leader in Outernet, clients will now be able to bridge the physical and virtual realms to build campaigns unlike anything that came before. This opens up vast new mixed reality possibilities for marketers that I personally cannot wait to see.”

Philip O’Ferrall, President and CEO Outernet Global said “SwivelMeta are absolutely leading the way in creating metaverse and web3 experiences. Outernet’s pioneering technology and spaces gives us the ability to combine the physical and the digital in ways that haven’t been possible before. What brands will be able to do by working with us and the digital worlds that SwivelMeta can create is going to be exemplary, driving reach and consumer engagement in really incredible ways”

As highlighted by Vogue Business recently, forming a hybrid physical-meets-digital experience is an essential part of web3 based marketing – bringing its capabilities to wider audiences and creating increased adoption.

“Ultimately if the metaverse is going to explode to real adoption, we have to be crossing physical experience with digital activation.” Vogue Business, August 2022

SwivelMeta and Outernet are currently working with premium forward thinking brands to create metaverse platforms, purpose-built for social commerce, pioneering digital and phygital products and launching them not only to online communities, but also to real world audiences projected to be up 400,000 per day once the Outernet district is fully operational this winter.

A truly unique way to expand omni-channel strategies and create an effortless flow between real life, and the metaverse.


Outernet London is a brand new immersive media and culture district designed to provide experiences for entertainment and brand activation the likes of which have never been seen before. The first district will kick off a global roll out with sites planned in New York, LA and Europe.

Outernet will feature the world’s first of its kind public atrium – The Now Building – containing an immense digital canvas: a 4-storey high, floor to ceiling, 360 degree, 16k screen surface – the most advanced of its kind on the planet.

Alongside the screens the Outernet district includes HERE a 2000 capacity venue the largest in central London since the 40s and The Lower Third a smaller live venue. Completing the picture is the residences of Chateaux Denmark, retail and restaurants. outernetglobal.com


SwivelMeta is a platform for creating and managing metaverse experiences. Leading brands and projects use SwivelMeta’s platform to create microverses that build community, tell brand stories and enable commerce. To learn more on SwivelMeta, please visit swivelmeta.io.

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