Paving the Way for Global Inclusion: Lori L. Harmon Takes the Helm at myGwork

August 26, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Lori L. Harmon, Vice President and Global Head of Business Development at Cloudflare, joins myGwork as the new Chair of the Board.
  • Harmon’s wealth of experience in digital space, AI, and SaaS, coupled with her commitment to diversity, aligns well with myGwork’s vision.
  • myGwork secures a fresh round of funding of £1.3m to bolster its e-learning products and international reach.

About myGwork

Founded by twins Adrien and Pierre Gaubert, myGwork is the world’s largest platform dedicated to LGBTQ+ professionals and allies. It serves as an empowering community where members can connect with inclusive employers, mentors, and other resources. With several accolades under its belt, including a spot on the UK’s 2022/23 Diversity Power List, myGwork is an unwavering advocate for workplace equality.

Lori L. Harmon: A Perfect Blend of Expertise and Values

Lori L. Harmon is no stranger to the challenges and opportunities that accompany leadership in the digital space. With an impressive track record in business development and a natural knack for problem-solving, Harmon is set to bring a dynamic approach to myGwork’s growth strategy.

Harmon has consistently led teams to meet and exceed revenue targets, with milestones as high as $1 billion. Her diverse skill set includes digital sales, AI, customer success, and cybersecurity. As an active participant in networking organizations like Chief, Forte Group, and, Harmon has been at the forefront of initiatives aimed at increasing the representation of women and minorities in various industries.

A Mission Close to Her Heart

Harmon’s expertise is significantly amplified by her close personal ties to the LGBTQ+ community. She has openly talked about her family members facing anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination early in their careers, resonating with the personal experiences of myGwork co-founders, the Gaubert brothers.

“I am honored to have been offered the role of Chair of the Board at myGwork. It’s a chance to leverage my unique perspectives, expertise, and passion to lead myGwork into a brighter future. Diversity is a proven competitive edge!” Harmon commented on her appointment.

Aligning Goals and Strategies: What’s Next for myGwork?

Refined Focus and International Ambitions

As Harmon joins the team, the Gaubert brothers are enthusiastic about what lies ahead. “We believe Lori’s appointment as Chair and her deep expertise will help to achieve that,” they said. The immediate focus is on strengthening the existing platform while working on ambitious international growth targets.

The Financial Boost

Harmon’s entry coincides with another financial windfall for myGwork—a fresh round of £1.3m funding led by 24Haymarket. The funds will be used to enhance the platform’s e-learning products and expand its international footprint. James Campin, myGwork Board Observer and Investment Executive at 24Haymarket, shared, “We look forward to myGwork growing and increasing impact from an already market-leading position.”

Innovation in E-Learning

The recent funding will support innovations in myGwork’s e-learning Academy, including courses on intersectionality and the platform’s first Spanish-language course. Stephan Heinz, myGwork’s Chief Strategy Officer, mentioned that a large portion of the funding package came as a grant support from Innovate UK, which will be used to improve network growth and user experience.

Enhanced User Experience

With a commitment to delivering an industry-leading, user-friendly platform, myGwork aims to use the additional funding to improve user analytics for a more personalized experience. “Our users and clients are the foundation of our business,” added Adrien and Pierre Gaubert.

The Road Ahead: Creating Waves of Change

As Lori L. Harmon takes her seat as Chair, the company seems poised for a transformative journey. With aligned goals, robust financial backing, and a mutual dedication to fostering inclusion, myGwork is not just setting the stage for safer workplaces but also aims to lead by example in the global discourse on diversity and inclusion. The road ahead looks promising, and the impact is likely to be felt far and wide.

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