Peking University HSBC Business School: Navigating the Future of Business Education

July 9, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. Peking University HSBC Business School’s (PHBS) UK campus celebrates the 125th anniversary of Peking University and its fifth year of operation in Oxfordshire.
  2. The event was marked by an informative forum titled “New Challenges and New Demands for Business Studies in Higher Education,” attracting a diverse audience.
  3. The forum highlighted the importance of international collaboration, the impact of artificial intelligence and big data on business education, the need for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary studies, and the cultivation of compound business talents.

About Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS)

Peking University HSBC Business School is a graduate business school based in Shenzhen, China, and has a satellite campus in Boars Hill, Oxfordshire, UK. The institution’s profound impact on global business education over the years has stemmed from its commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and international collaboration. Celebrating Peking University’s 125th anniversary and the UK campus’s fifth, the recent event attests to the school’s commitment to shaping the future of business studies in higher education.

A Milestone Celebrated with Insightful Discussions

PHBS’s UK campus recently celebrated these significant milestones with a forum aptly named “New Challenges and New Demands for Business Studies in Higher Education.” This intellectual gathering attracted over 200 scholars, participants, and representatives from renowned universities and institutions worldwide. Attendees spanned from the University of Oxford to the China Construction Bank London Branch, and the QS World University Rankings Education Consulting Research Institute.

During the opening remarks, Professor Wen Hai, the founding dean of PHBS, highlighted the UK campus’s vital role in advancing international collaboration and promoting academic exchanges among China, the UK, and Europe. He underlined the community’s collective effort in shaping the campus over the years.

Experts Weigh in on the Future of Business Education

Following the opening remarks, the forum facilitated enlightening keynote speeches from experts in their respective fields. Ms Rebecca Leung, HSBC’s director of Greater China Affairs, underscored HSBC’s long-standing support for PKU and PHBS and the importance of promoting Sino-British exchanges. Daniel Kahn from QS World University Rankings presented on the declining demand for international business education among Chinese students, introducing an engaging area for further discourse.

Engaging discussions ensued, with experts voicing insights into the challenges and opportunities facing business education. Professor Soumitra Dutta from the University of Oxford spoke on the need for business education to adapt to the influence of artificial intelligence and big data science. Echoing Dutta’s sentiment, Professor Neil Mclean from the London School of Economics and Political Science emphasized understanding and mutual learning between cultures, while Professor Alessandro Spano from University College London highlighted cross-cultural education’s significance. Mr Aimin Yang from the China Construction Bank London Branch stressed the importance of cultivating versatile business talents.

Charting the Course for Business Education

The forum’s conclusion saw Professor Pengfei Wang, deputy dean of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School and dean of PHBS, underline the significance of discussing business education’s challenges at the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution. Professor Paolo Tasca from University College London announced a grant by the DLT Science Foundation to support PHBS-UK’s financial technology and blockchain research, marking an exciting new chapter in the institution’s journey.

In a closing highlight, Professor Wen Hai gave a compelling lecture on “China’s Economy: Current Situation and Future,” drawing a substantial audience. His discourse on China’s macroeconomic prospects and potential growth challenges offered valuable insights into the global economic landscape.

The anniversary celebrations were a momentous opportunity for the PHBS community—students, scholars, faculty, and alumni—to celebrate their achievements and embrace the new challenges and opportunities in higher education business studies. As PHBS looks forward, it remains committed to its mission of shaping the future of global business education.

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