Phasecraft Adds Dr. Glenn Jones to World Class Research Team as Principal Quantum Scientist

April 26, 2023

Phasecraft, the quantum algorithms company, announced today that it has appointed Dr. Glenn Jones as Principal Quantum Scientist. As Phasecraft gets closer to breakthroughs and useful applications of quantum computing like materials modelling, Jones will play a crucial role in making this a practical reality.

Jones joins Phasecraft with over 20 years of academic and industrial experience in materials modelling. He most recently served as the Research Manager at Johnson Matthey Technology Centre (JMTC), where he led the Physical and Chemical Modelling group. His responsibilities extended beyond in-house materials modelling, covering various external collaborations and programs as well. These initiatives included cloud high-performance computing (HPC), grants from Innovate UK for the application of quantum computing in materials science, EU projects focused on data and interoperability, as well as industrial sponsorship on a number of PhD research projects at universities, aimed at fostering talent and expanding capabilities.

Jones also initiated JMTC’s new modelling laboratory in South Africa, where he was Research Manager until he returned to the UK in 2017 to a broader role managing JMTC physical and chemical core-science modelling efforts.

“We are thrilled to welcome Glenn to the Phasecraft team,” said Toby Cubitt, Co-Founder and Director of Phasecraft. “With his world-renowned expertise in computational materials modelling, Glenn will be a key player in the development of quantum algorithms that can tackle tasks in this domain, which are currently impossible for classical computers. His addition will be invaluable as we continue to push the boundaries of quantum computing and strive to make it a practical reality.”

Jones’ addition to the team comes as Phasecraft continues to lead fundamental breakthroughs in quantum science and the development of algorithms reducing the timescale for quantum advantage in several critical areas. Beyond developing algorithms that will be able to scale to larger quantum computers, the Phasecraft team is also focused on continuing to build practically relevant features into their models so that they more accurately represent real-world systems.

“Phasecraft’s novel algorithm approach is accelerating the pace at which we can expect to see practical applications for quantum computing,” says Jones. “I am excited to work with this world-class team and to bring quantum computing to industrial application and open a new paradigm on how we solve these important problems.”

Jones obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge, after which he joined the Centre for Atomic Scale Materials Design (CAMD) at the Technical University of Denmark as a Postdoctoral researcher. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and was awarded a Royal Society Industrial Fellowship in 2010. He is currently based in both London and Bristol.

As the quantum computing industry is rapidly growing, the need for top talent is essential in this specialised field. Phasecraft is aggressively hiring Quantum Algorithm Engineers, Quantum Software Researchers and interns in 2023.

To learn more about Phasecraft’s scientific research, business partnerships, career opportunities, and fellowships, please visit

About Phasecraft

Phasecraft is the quantum algorithms company. We’re building the mathematical foundations for quantum computing applications that solve real-world problems.

Our team brings together many of the world’s leading quantum scientists, including founders Toby Cubitt, Ashley Montanaro, and John Morton, as well as a growing international network of renowned experts including Andrew Childs and Maris Ozols.

Through our partnerships with Google, IBM, and Rigetti we enjoy unprecedented access to today’s best quantum computers, which provides us with unique opportunities to develop foundational IP, inform the development of next-generation quantum hardware, and accelerate commercialization of high-value breakthroughs.

We are always looking for talented research scientists and partners interested in joining us on the front lines of quantum computing. To learn more about our scientific research, business partnerships, career opportunities, and fellowships, please visit

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