Pioneering Privacy: London’s Leading Innovators in Data Protection

November 20, 2023

1. Palqee Technologies – Building Trusted Business-People Relationships

Palqee Technologies excels in creating intuitive Privacy & Data Governance technologies that establish trust between businesses and their clients.

2. Smarter Contracts – Revolutionizing Data Privacy Management

Pulse by Smarter Contracts offers a dynamic data privacy and consent management platform, ensuring businesses have a real-time view of their data.

3. Smart City Operating System – AI-Driven IoT Automation

Smart City Operating System introduces an AI-powered centralized IoT automation platform, enhancing privacy in smart homes, businesses, and nations.

4. Kryotech – App Development with a Privacy Focus

Kryotech stands out as an app development company prioritizing privacy in its innovative solutions.

5. Ohalo – Streamlining Data Governance

Ohalo helps modern organizations automate data governance, simplifying compliance and data management processes.

6. Nuggets – Reinventing Identity Management

Nuggets presents an identity super-wallet, offering unparalleled privacy and security through its self-sovereign decentralized ID system.

7. Seers – Leading the Way in Privacy and Consent Management

Seers is recognized as a top privacy and consent management platform, protecting over 50,000 companies worldwide from data privacy fines.

8. Puffin Point – Expertise in Staffing and Marketplace Apps

Puffin Point, a family office, brings significant experience in creating privacy-focused staffing and marketplace applications.

9. Phishing Tackle – Enhancing Online Security Training

Phishing Tackle specializes in online security awareness, phishing simulation, and policy management platforms.

10. Kormoon – Automating Data Compliance

Kormoon offers a software platform that automates compliance with data rules, catering to professionals’ needs.

11. CyBourn – Comprehensive Platform Security Solutions

CyBourn excels in platform security, user access management, and governance, offering robust protection solutions.

12. Kiris Group – Intelligence and Security Experts

The Kiris Group focuses on intelligence and security, contributing significantly to the privacy sector.

13. Skriply – Empowering Content Creators

Skriply offers a digital marketplace where content creators can set their monetization models, selling directly to users while ensuring privacy.

14. Smart GDPR – Simplifying GDPR Compliance

Smart GDPR provides an effective, quick GDPR compliance SaaS solution, streamlining the compliance process for businesses.

15. Privasee – Automated GDPR Documentation and Cookie Management

Privasee automates GDPR documentation and updates cookie banners in response to business or legal changes.

In conclusion, these 15 companies in London are at the forefront of privacy innovation, each contributing uniquely to safeguarding data in our increasingly digital world.

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