Pioneering Urban Mobility: How Project 3 Mobility Utilizes Infor to Revolutionize Transportation

August 5, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Infor, a leading industry cloud company, successfully deploys its multi-tenant cloud ERP at Project 3 Mobility (P3) for creating autonomous mobility services.
  • P3, backed by the Rimac Group, aims to develop user-focused and personalized urban mobility solutions powered by autonomous electric vehicles.
  • Infor’s expertise, dedicated team, and out-of-the-box functionality tipped the scales for its selection over competitors SAP and IFS.
  • P3 plans to implement Infor CloudSuite Automotive’s manufacturing capabilities post factory construction.

About Project 3 Mobility (P3):

P3 is a Croatian start-up working in affiliation with the Rimac Group. The organization is set to transform the urban mobility landscape through its fully autonomous electric vehicles. Prioritizing user experience and personalization, P3 stands out as a unique innovator in this sector. P3 is building an entire ecosystem for urban autonomous mobility that includes an autonomous vehicle, specialized infrastructure, and a comprehensive service platform. With offices in Croatia and the UK, P3 currently employs 200 professionals and plans further expansion.

About Infor®:

Infor® is a global leader in industry-specialized business cloud software. With its mission-critical enterprise applications and services, Infor® aims to provide sustainable operational advantages through quick value delivery and robust security. Serving over 60,000 organizations across more than 175 countries, Infor’s 17,000 employees focus on fostering enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with their customers.

Creating an Urban Mobility Revolution with Infor

Infor®, a leading industry cloud company, recently announced its successful implementation of a multi-tenant cloud ERP at Project 3 Mobility (P3). This deployment is the cornerstone of P3’s grand project to bring autonomous mobility services to the European market, a venture that recently received a massive €179.5m EU funding boost.

P3’s selection of Infor over competitors such as SAP and IFS was based on the depth of Infor’s industry expertise, the comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality of its solutions, and the dedication of its team. Lee Clayton, head of IT at Project 3 Mobility, says, “Infor stood out based on its dedication, commitment, and ethos. The partnership approach, flexibility, and experience of our industry were invaluable, and the expertise the team has brought to the project so far has been impressive.”

Infor’s Role in P3’s Visionary Project

The Infor® deployment at P3 has already successfully gone live for human resources, finance, and procurement in Croatia and the UK. This involved migrating balances, open invoices, and budgets from P3’s legacy technology environment. After the planned factory construction, P3 will leverage Infor CloudSuite Automotive’s manufacturing capabilities to streamline production of its innovative autonomous electric vehicles.

“P3 is one of the most exciting developments in our modern way of living in an increasingly digital age. We are proud to support such a sustainable venture,” says Andrew Kinder, Infor’s SVP of industry strategy, affirming the strong bond between Infor and P3.

The Impact of P3’s Groundbreaking Project

P3 CEO Marko Pejković expressed his vision for the project: “We are developing a whole new ecosystem for urban autonomous mobility. The realization of our project will increase efficiency and safety in traffic and will achieve a positive impact on the environment and city infrastructure. We are convinced that this project will create significant benefits for Zagreb, where we will launch our first service, and numerous other European cities that are following.”

Infor’s involvement in P3’s project demonstrates the potential of industry-specialized cloud software in accelerating digital transformation within the mobility sector. As P3 takes the wheel in pioneering urban autonomous mobility, Infor’s software forms an integral part of this exhilarating journey towards the future of transportation.

To learn more about Infor CloudSuite Automotive, visit here.

For more information on P3, visit P3M.

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