Pioneering Wellness: London’s Top 15 Startups Transforming Health and Well-being

November 27, 2023

1. Vira Health: Revolutionizing Menopause Management

Website: Vira Health
Vira Health stands out in the wellness industry with its innovative digital therapeutics. Designed for doctors to prescribe, these interventions offer evidence-based solutions for managing menopause symptoms, marking a significant step forward in women’s health.

2. Suvera: Virtual Care Reimagined

Website: Suvera
Suvera is redefining long-term care with its virtual support services. This startup offers an effective, tech-driven approach to managing chronic conditions, ensuring consistent and accessible care for patients.

3. Gripable: Empowering Physical Rehabilitation

Website: Gripable
Gripable combines digital therapy tools with engaging mobile games, providing a unique solution for physically impaired patients. This approach not only aids in rehabilitation but also boosts motivation and engagement in therapy.

4. Visible: Wearable Tech for Chronic Illness

Website: Visible
Visible is at the forefront of wearable technology, offering groundbreaking solutions for managing complex chronic illnesses. Their devices enable real-time monitoring, fostering better understanding and management of health conditions.

5. Kama: Enhancing Intimacy and Relationships

Website: Kama
Kama’s wellness platform is dedicated to improving love, sex, and intimacy experiences. By addressing these fundamental aspects of human relationships, Kama is setting new standards in personal well-being.

6. Maslife: The Intersection of Finance and Well-being

Website: Maslife
Maslife integrates financial services with wellness and AI technology, offering a unique blend of tools for holistic well-being. Their platform encourages a balanced approach to financial and personal health.

7. Sons: Redefining Men’s Health

Website: Sons
Sons is pioneering in the field of men’s health and well-being, providing next-generation solutions and support tailored to men’s unique health needs.

8. Perci Health: Comprehensive Cancer Care

Website: Perci Health
Perci Health offers a holistic approach to cancer care, combining telehealth, wellness treatments, and support. Their services are focused on providing comprehensive care for cancer patients.

9. Manual: Empowering Health Decisions

Website: Manual
Manual provides innovative diagnostic tools and testing services, empowering individuals to make informed health-related decisions. Their approach to health management is proactive and patient-centric.

10. OME Health: Preventive Health Analytics

Website: OME Health
OME Health is leading the way in preventive health analytics and coaching. Their services focus on proactive health management, using data-driven insights to guide lifestyle choices.

11. Esquared Fitness: On-Demand Fitness Freedom

Website: Esquared Fitness
Esquared offers a mobile marketplace for booking fitness classes and gym sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis, providing unparalleled flexibility and choice for fitness enthusiasts.

12. Fitr: Elevating Coaching Careers

Website: Fitr
Fitr provides a platform for fitness coaches to enhance their careers, offering tools and resources for professional growth in the fitness industry.

13. MyARC: Fitness Community Building

Website: MyARC
MyARC’s fitness app bridges content creators and their fans, fostering a community-driven approach to fitness and wellness.

14. Planera: Eco-Friendly Sanitary Solutions

Website: Planera
Planera challenges traditional sanitary products with its 100% biodegradable, flushable sanitary pads, contributing to both women’s health and environmental sustainability.

15. BrainPatch: Innovating Neurotechnology

Website: BrainPatch
BrainPatch is a neurotechnology startup disrupting non-invasive brain stimulation. Their work holds promise for significant advancements in brain health and cognitive enhancement.

These 15 startups represent the diverse and dynamic nature of London’s wellness industry, each contributing to a healthier, more connected future. With their innovative approaches, they are not just changing the wellness landscape in London, but also setting trends globally.

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