Powering Compensation with Precision: Culture Amp and Pave Join Forces

September 2, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Culture Amp and Pave announce a strategic alliance to provide a unified platform for performance-based compensation.
  • The partnership aims to address longstanding issues in the world of compensation management, such as fairness, transparency, and data-driven decision-making.
  • This is the latest addition to Culture Amp’s partner ecosystem, which launched in June and offers a range of technology and consultancy partners.
  • The collaboration between Culture Amp and Pave promises to optimize business costs while nurturing a culture of excellence and transparency in the workplace.

About Culture Amp

Culture Amp is a global leader in the employee experience platform, boasting an extensive reach that touches over 25 million employees across 6,500 companies worldwide. From PwC to KIND, from SoulCycle to BigCommerce, numerous industry leaders rely on Culture Amp for improving employee engagement, retaining talent, and building high-performing teams. With a decade of innovation behind them and a wealth of data, Culture Amp is the go-to platform for organizations keen on creating a better world of work.

About Pave

Pave is the vanguard in data-driven compensation management platforms, trusted by more than 6,000 innovative companies around the globe. It provides real-time compensation benchmarks, manages compensation bands, and runs merit cycles seamlessly. The platform is designed to empower companies to make more accurate and equitable compensation decisions, backed by the largest real-time compensation database for private companies.

Why This Partnership Matters

Compensation management has long been a significant challenge for companies of all sizes. Despite being a critical element in attracting and retaining talent, the process often lacks transparency, scalability, and data-driven insights. Culture Amp and Pave’s partnership comes as a solution to these challenges.

“Organizations are acutely aware of the critical role compensation plays in shaping their success,” said Rich Anstett, Chief Revenue Officer of Culture Amp. “Our partnership with Pave allows our customers to seamlessly integrate performance data with compensation decisions, thereby fostering equitable, informed, and sustainable practices.”

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

One of the hallmarks of this collaboration is the seamless integration of Culture Amp’s performance data with Pave’s comprehensive compensation management. This integration enables organizations to make informed decisions that can significantly influence a culture of excellence while optimizing costs. Businesses now have the luxury of a unified framework where they can analyze compensation benchmarks, performance scores, and company budgets, which simplifies and streamlines the decision-making process.

Fostering Transparency and Trust

Transparency in compensation has often been elusive, causing a rift between employees and management. This partnership addresses this gap effectively. Employers can now easily correlate an employee’s performance with their compensation packages. “This partnership signifies our dedication to delivering best-in-class solutions and underscores the essence of integrating top-tier performance management with compensation systems,” said Nick Salzman, Head of Partnerships at Pave.

Elevating the Employee Experience

Both Culture Amp and Pave are deeply committed to enriching the employee experience, a vital ingredient for organizational success. The strategic alliance takes a holistic approach to improving employee engagement, performance, and loyalty. This is no small feat in today’s volatile job market where the employee experience often determines a company’s ability to attract and retain top talent.

More Than Just Compensation: A Cultural Shift

The partnership between Culture Amp and Pave is not merely a union of two technology platforms. It represents a significant cultural shift in how companies approach compensation. It fosters a transparent, data-driven culture that values performance and fairness. It places customer success at the forefront, promising organizations a tool they can use to navigate the complex landscape of compensation with agility and integrity.


The alliance between Culture Amp and Pave is a welcome revolution in the field of compensation management, solving longstanding challenges faced by HR teams across the globe. By offering a seamless, data-driven, and transparent approach to tying performance with compensation, this partnership sets a new standard in human capital management. It is a collaboration that could very well set the tone for a new era in how companies attract, manage, and retain their most valuable asset: their employees.

For those eager to explore the capabilities this partnership offers, visit Culture Amp and Pave to learn more.

With a customer-first approach, data-driven methodologies, and a commitment to transparency, the Culture Amp and Pave partnership emerges as a beacon for organizations aiming to set a new standard in employee compensation.

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