Pricedrone Shopping Search Engine Expands to Over 500,000 Online Stores

April 10, 2023

Pricedrone has now made it easier than ever for shoppers to find exciting new shops and products from around the world. With the expansion of its platform to over 500,000 online stores globally, shoppers now have access to even more choice when shopping online.

Pricedrone is on a mission to enhance the online shopping experience by giving consumers access to millions of products on the web. Pricedrone uses proprietary search engine technology, which translates to more product options for millions of online shoppers around the world.

Leveraging its search technology and a commitment to equity for small businesses, Pricedrone identifies products from thousands of online shops that are normally not visible in other similar search engines. The result is that online shoppers now have access to millions of products in thousands of consumer categories offered by over 500,000 online stores.

In addition to price comparison features for shoppers, Pricedrone offers retailers the opportunity to be listed in its search engine results using product feeds, widening their potential customer base — an especially attractive feature for smaller businesses who have existing product feeds and are looking to gain even more exposure.

“We have now reached coverage of over 500,000 online stores on Pricedrone, and users can discover new shops they wouldn’t necessarily find on other search engines or price comparison websites,” said Kevin Allman, spokesperson at Pricedrone. “We are also now encouraging retailers to submit a product feed to the search engine to give their products maximum visibility.”

To submit a product feed, retailers first need to register as a merchant, and include a product feed in their merchant profile. Although product feed processing has been temporarily paused on Pricedrone while enhancements are being made to the feature, this feature is expected to be switched back on in the near future.

To learn more or to shop using Pricedrone’s shopping search engine, visit (US) and (UK)

About Pricedrone

Pricedrone is a London based shopping search engine giving online shoppers access to millions of products from over 500,000 online stores around the world. Pricedrone seeks to feature stores of all sizes, helping them meet their business growth and profit goals while giving consumers access to exciting new products. Visit (US) and (UK) to learn more.

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