Professors Without Borders Seeks Donations and Volunteers and Announces Changes to Its Board of Trustees

July 9, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Professors Without Borders, a charity working to enhance access to quality education, is seeking donations and volunteers to support its mission.
  • The organization aims to bring equitable and high-quality learning experiences to students and educators in their local communities.
  • Recent additions to the Board of Trustees include Andrew Denton as the new Chair and Gabriel Ng as interim Deputy Chair.
  • The charity is excited to welcome two new Trustees, Christine Kuo and Dr Peter Thomas, to its team.


Professors Without Borders, a registered charity in the UK dedicated to improving equitable access to quality education, is pleased to announce changes to its Board of Trustees. With the support of its donors and volunteers, the organization strives to enhance access to inspiring and effective educational experiences that have a tangible impact on local communities around the world.

Changes to the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees welcomes Andrew Denton, CEO of Alfa Financial Software, as its new Chair. Gabriel Ng, Investment Director at Big Society Capital, takes on the role of interim Deputy Chair. The addition of two new Trustees, Christine Kuo, Global Talent Development Manager at Permira, and Dr Peter Thomas, Director at RMIT University, further strengthens the organization’s team.

Transforming Education for Local Communities

Professors Without Borders aims to transform education by bringing equitable, high-quality learning experiences to students and educators in their respective local environments. The organization assists faculty in developing their pedagogical approaches, enabling students to enjoy the learning experience and acquire skills that are relevant to their communities.

The charity focuses on creating opportunities and improving access to quality higher education for girls and women. Recent courses have covered topics such as women’s health and financial literacy.

Addressing Unemployment and Poverty

In many cases, students remain in their home countries, where they often face high levels of unemployment and poverty. The courses offered by Professors Without Borders focus on developing skills that help students secure decent work and contribute to economic growth.

Call for Support and New Board Members

Dr Caroline Varin, CEO of Professors Without Borders, expresses gratitude to all those who dedicate their time to the organization. She emphasizes the importance of their work and welcomes the new members of the Board of Trustees, as their fresh perspectives and energy will help extend the organization’s reach. Dr Varin urges individuals with the resources to support the cause to join and assist in achieving more. The demand for quality, skills-focused education has surpassed what can be achieved with part-time volunteers, and the organization aims to consolidate its operations with full-time staff, necessitating sponsors and funds.

Collaborative Network and Think Tank

Professors Without Borders collaborates with a network of education professionals from renowned universities, including the University of Cambridge, Harvard University, Srinakharinwirot University, and the University of Johannesburg. The charity works with academics, business experts, and local institutions globally. Additionally, the organization operates its own Think Tank, providing networking, mentoring, knowledge-sharing, and training opportunities for educators.

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