Prominent London-Based Biotech Startups Revolutionising the Industry Landscape

January 10, 2024

Despite the challenges brought about by 2020, it’s been an exciting year for biotechnology startups in London. A new generation of companies has emerged, leveraging latest advancements in Biotech and AI to redefine possibilities in human health. From ground-breaking advancements in gene therapy and pharmacology, to innovative approaches to disease diagnosis, the firms have showcased immense potential to transform the industry. With their disruptive technologies and forward-thinking mindsets, these startups are set to make valuable contributions in the biotech industry.

These companies, primarily based in London, have raised the bar in the biotech industry with their revolutionary inventions and innovative ideas. They have discovered new methodologies to cure disease, create sustainable alternatives to conventional practices and enhance the overall quality of life. As we navigate through a period of global change and uncertainty, their work will be more crucial than ever.

Biotech startups including Hoxton Farms, Dunad Therapeutics, Bactobio, Purespring Therapeutics, Duke Street Bio, Kuano, Complement Therapeutics, ProtonDx, Digistain, AccuStem Sciences, and Inspira Pharmaceuticals have all been founded in or after 2020 and have already made significant strides in their respective fields. From engineered animal fat to AI enabled drug discovery platforms, the London biotech scene has something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at these revolutionary startups.

Hoxton Farms

Founded by Ed Steele and Max Jamilly, Hoxton Farms is a biotechnology company that promises a new way to produce animal fat – without animals. Using advanced cell biology and mathematical modelling techniques, the company focuses on developing cultivated fat to be used in the meat alternatives industry. Get in touch with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Dunad Therapeutics

Co-founded by Diana Kraskouskaya and Patrick T. Gunning, Dunad Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical venture that focuses on creating next-generation targeted protein degradation therapies. By emphasising on the development and commercialisation of protein degradation therapeutics, Dunad Therapeutics is making significant strides in the biotech industry.


Established by Daniel Blicher Holst Hansen, Bactobio is using cutting edge technologies in synthetic biology, next-generation sequencing and machine learning to harvest novel microbes. These novel microbes are then screened for new medical and industrial applications. Follow them on Twitter and Linkedin for more developments.

Purespring Therapeutics

Founded by Moin Saleem and based in London, Purespring Therapeutics is an AAV gene therapy company focusing on the kidney. They work with a clear goal: to transform the treatment landscape of renal diseases with their innovative gene therapy approach. You can stay updated about their activities through Twitter and Linkedin.

Duke Street Bio

Established in 2020, Duke Street Bio is a medical drug development company that strives to provide improved treatment options for cancer patients. Based in London, Duke Street Bio is committed to creating a better future for cancer treatments. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Started by David Wright, Jarryl D’Oyley, Parminder Ruprah and Vid Stojevic, Kuano is bringing cutting-edge technology into drug discovery and design. Their platform combines the innovative concepts of quantum mapping and AI-led chemistry to expedite the development of superior drug candidates. Check out their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Complement Therapeutics

Operating as a preclinical stage company, Complement Therapeutics aims to develop a precision medicine diagnostic platform. This will allow the firm to stratify patients based on their complement-activation profile, with the potential to enable patient selection, and serve as an efficacy biomarker in future clinical studies. You can follow them on LinkedIn for more up-to-date information.


Founded by Jesus Rodriguez Manzano, Nicolas Moser, and Pantelis Georgiou, ProtonDx offers diagnostic services that include speed, sensitivity, specificity, and convenience in distinguishing multiple pathogens from a sample. Visit their LinkedIn page for more information.


Co-founded by Christopher Phillips and Hemmel Amrania, Digistain uses infrared scanning technology to determine which breast cancer patients are fit for chemotherapy. This innovative approach to patient care represents a leap forward in patient treatment. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

AccuStem Sciences

An exciting player in the life sciences industry, AccuStem Sciences is dedicated to optimising outcomes for all patients with cancer. This biotechnology firm aims to bring about significant progress in the field of cancer treatment.

Inspira Pharmaceuticals

Founded by Nick Woolf and Rory McGoldrick, Inspira Pharmaceuticals conducts research and development focused on treating respiratory diseases. This company is passionate about providing new technology for therapy and medicines for prevention. Visit their Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates.

The biotechnology industry in London continues to flourish with these innovative startups crafting groundbreaking solutions. London’s cutting-edge biotech scene promises a brighter and healthier future for all.

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