Prominent London-Based Startups Revolutionising the Big Data Industry

January 11, 2024

The Big Data sector has seen an impressive level of growth and innovation over the past year. As 2020 pushed for a digital transformation in the wake of the global pandemic, startups across the world responded to the demand. Here, we highlight some of the latest and groundbreaking Big Data Startups based in London who started their journey amidst the difficulties and are doing extraordinary work in their respective fields.

Driving change with Big Data has been a popular trend lately, as it seamlessly helps businesses to make more informed decisions with the help of data-driven insights. The startups that we focus on here demonstrate an impressive level of ingenuity, adaptability, and technological advancement, leveraging Big Data in unique ways – from boosting sales insights to powering an information technology revolution.

Below are the standout Big Data companies that have made their debuts in 2020 or later and are making waves in the industry:


The brainchild of founders Blaise Thomson and Naaman Tammuz, Bitfount was established with the vision of unleashing the potential of data, while prioritizing privacy. The startup provides a distributed data science platform, enabling collaboration on data analysis and AI/Machine Learning-based projects. The team aims to render the world’s intractable data safely interactable. Learn More


DropsTab is a British startup specialising in real-time tracking of cryptocurrency market performance. Collecting data from centralized and decentralized exchanges and cryptocurrency transactions, DropsTab provides its users with comprehensive and up-to-date data about the market landscape. Learn More

Gorton Software

Flaunting the catchphrase ‘AI and analytics to solve problems’, Gorton Software pioneers in empowering its clients with data-driven insights and competitive advantages. Founder Abhi Bhardwaj has successfully deployed bespoke data-powered solutions to assist companies globally.

Vizniti Solutions

With a broad focus on big data, blockchain, and cybersecurity, London-based startup Vizniti Solutions have carved a special place in the industry within a short span of time. Emerging as leaders in consulting and cloud computing, this startup is definitely one to watch. Learn More

Borago Insights

Set up by founder Emma Haslam, Borago Insights has managed to consolidate a strong client base within the Non-Profit and Consulting sectors. The company has made interest strides in the world of big data and analytics. Learn More


Airslip, a fintech startup based in London, is shaking things up in the world of big data and information technology. Founded by Jade Bates and Tom McDonough, Airslip is a great example of innovation in the IT sector. Learn More


Fledgling startup Tactic, offers businesses an efficient solution to undertake comprehensive research by automating the task of Googling companies, people, and keywords. Founders Jack Hodkinson and Rudolf Lai have made quite an exciting proposition in the world of big data and Enterprise Software. Learn More


Focused on bringing data power to FMCG brands, this London-based startup founded by Cian Kennedy and Emily Prevezer, aims to deliver a tool that creates actionable insights from sales data, revolutionising the business intelligence space in the process. Learn More

Data Catalyst

Founders Dr Nicholas Rendell and Jude Fisher have created a platform designed to aid developers and founders in connecting their apps and services to sources of personal, open, and commercial data. Providing a secure, simple, and single API, Data Catalyst makes dealing with data easier than ever before. Learn More

Vast Dreams

Offering an array of services for businesses, from creating bespoke software infrastructure to offering active cybersecurity provisions, Vast Dreams is a key player in the sphere of big data. Founders Abhishek Sehgal, Aditi Garg, and Swarnab Roy have certainly set down a road for success. Learn More


It’s clear that these London-based startups have embraced Big Data in their respective sectors, and are using it as a tool to innovate, disrupt and excel. As the world continues to evolve digitally, the role of Big Data will only continue to expand, and the future certainly looks promising for these startups in the thriving landscapes of London’s tech industry.

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