PwC selects Doorda to enhance data analytics capabilities

January 17, 2023

PwC’s UK Deals Insights and Analytics team have chosen Doorda Data Products to augment their analytics capabilities.

Data analytics are at the heart of the PwC business, and the Deals Insights and Analytics team is increasingly incorporating external data sources into its analysis on behalf of its private equity, hedge fund and corporate clients. The team has now selected to incorporate data curated by Doorda to increase productivity, answer new business questions and accelerate time to insight.

Doorda researches, consolidates, links and updates Open Data from hundreds of publishers into a unique, highly organised Cloud Data Platform. By incorporating this highly accurate, joined-up, analytics-ready data from Doorda, the PwC team can focus immediately on the time-sensitive, high-value analytics work that is critical when executing deals.

The PwC team are also looking to capitalise on features unique to the Doorda Data Platform; historical data not kept by data publishers, data specifically harvested by Doorda using Freedom of Information requests, and a comprehensive index of all UK addresses, underpinned by Doorda’s patent-pending technology which identifies buildings as well as addresses.

Doorda has researched over 1,500 official UK bodies that publish vast amounts of useful data. Since there is no common publication format, frequency or meaning, often no history and no simple or reliable way of joining it all together, Doorda continually ingests, categorises and uniquely links data from the publishers before consolidating and curating it into a single Cloud Data Platform with a set of APIs for immediate consumption.

Nigel Wilson, Partner, Deals Insight & Analytics, PwC UK, said, “In pursuit of trusted Third Party Data, with the depth, breadth and quality we need to enhance our complex analyses, we have searched the market and performed diligence on a wide range of data vendors. As part of our diligence process, Doorda was differentiated given their unique proposition of blending “messy” open source datasets and structuring them in a way that makes them quick to interrogate, which is essential in a Deals environment. We are now pleased to have Doorda Data Products as part of our broader data assets.”

Clifford McDowell, CEO, Doorda, said, “We are delighted to be supporting the data and analytics experts in the Deals Insights and Analytics Team at PwC by giving them immediate access to the wealth of Open Data and unique features within Doorda Data Products to help improve outcomes and shorten time to insight.”

About PwC’s Deals Insights and Analytics team

With over 550 Deal Analytics professionals worldwide, PwC is leading the digital revolution to transform the way deals are done. Analytics is increasingly a major driver of competitive advantage in transactions and value creation for portfolio companies.

PwC uses advanced techniques in data science to help its clients make smarter decisions, uncover more value and create better returns on investment. From predictive analytics to machine learning and beyond, it brings data insights in the moment, and agility that helps its clients change course for what’s next.

About Doorda

Doorda provides analytics-ready data, enabling organisations to obtain new insights, faster. Data about UK Properties, Businesses and Geo-demographics are gathered from over 1,500 Official sources, categorised and uniquely linked, updated daily and made available in the Doorda Cloud Data Platform.

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