Quantum Leaps in Navigation: How CPI TMD Technologies Is Paving The Future with £4 Million Funding

September 2, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • CPI TMD Technologies, a division of Communications & Power Industries (CPI), has secured over £4 million from Innovate UK’s SBRI competition.
  • The funding will go towards the development of quantum-enabled positioning, navigation, and timing systems, drastically improving location accuracy.
  • Unlike GPS systems, these quantum inertial sensors will offer precise location data in environments where satellite signals are ineffective.

About Communications & Power Industries and TMD Technologies Division

Communications & Power Industries (CPI)

CPI is a global frontrunner in the design and manufacture of electronic components and subsystems. Mainly serving the communications and defence sectors, CPI is recognized for its technological ingenuity in microwave signal processing. For more information about CPI, visit their official website.

CPI TMD Technologies Division

CPI TMD Technologies, with a history dating back to the 1940s, is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of professional microwave and Radio Frequency (RF) products. Based in Hayes, West London, the division is heavily involved in the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, developing cutting-edge quantum-enabled technology.

A Quantum Leap Forward

The term “quantum leap” is often used metaphorically to describe significant advancements, but in the context of CPI TMD Technologies, it is literal. The company aims to leap beyond conventional navigation systems, like GPS, which rely on satellite signals for positioning. Instead, it’s focusing on quantum-enabled inertial sensors for ultra-precise navigation and timing.

From Theoretical to Practical

CPI TMD Technologies is not new to innovation. “As a manufacturer of microwave technologies, CPI TMD Technologies has long focused on finding innovative solutions to challenging requirements in the defence, communications and industrial markets and putting them into production,” said Dave Brown, President of CPI TMD Technologies Division. “For the past several years, we have turned that focus on helping move the promise of quantum technology from theoretical lab work to practical technology and products that can address real-world challenges.”

Partnerships and Collaborations

To achieve this lofty goal, CPI TMD Technologies is partnering with several research and industry leaders such as Alter Technology UK Ltd., Chronos Technology Ltd., Covesion Ltd., Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd., Imperial College London, NLA International Ltd., RedWave Labs Ltd., and University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

The Game-Changing Quantum Inertial Sensor

The awarded funding will be utilized in developing high-precision quantum inertial sensors, a move that could revolutionize various sectors, from defense to public transportation.

The Quantum Advantage

Unlike conventional GPS systems, these quantum systems internally synchronize timing and positioning data. Essentially, the quantum inertial sensors will determine precise time and location data through dead reckoning, avoiding the need for external satellite signals.

Situations & Scenarios

The quantum inertial sensors can be particularly beneficial in environments where satellite signals are not reliable or accessible, such as underground transit systems, caves, underwater locations, and during certain military operations. The ability to get precise location data in such settings is game-changing and opens up a plethora of applications.

“Revolutionizing the Use and Accuracy”

“We are excited by the progress being made on cutting-edge quantum technology in conjunction with our business and university partners. The work that this team is poised to do on compact, high-precision inertial guidance systems will help revolutionize the use and accuracy of positioning systems in situations where the use of satellite signals is not ideal,” added Dave Brown.

A Look Into the Future

As CPI TMD Technologies spearheads this project, there is no denying that the world is on the cusp of a technological revolution. With quantum-enabled inertial sensors, the way we perceive and interact with space and time is about to undergo a fundamental transformation.

In the words of Dave Brown, “We are excited by the progress being made on cutting-edge quantum technology.” And so should we all be, as these advancements have the potential to redefine navigation and timing systems globally. The future, it seems, is quantum-enabled.

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