Queue Associates Expands its Global Footprint with a New Office in Chennai

September 2, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Queue Associates inaugurates a new office in Chennai, India, extending its APAC capabilities.
  • The expansion aims to provide comprehensive Microsoft Cloud services, including Dynamics 365 and Azure.
  • Jeffrey Goldstein, Global Managing Director, and Arun Kumar, India Director, express optimism about leveraging India’s talent pool.
  • The Chennai office is part of Queue’s aggressive global expansion strategy, with a focus on client services and fulfilling Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program requirements.

About Queue Associates

Queue Associates is a global strategic partner with Microsoft, specializing in crafting bespoke business solutions for organizations across six continents. As a member of the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, Queue Associates empowers businesses—small, medium, and large—with Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cutting-edge cloud-based, AI-enabled business productivity platform. Boasting over 250 employees worldwide, the company leverages decades of industry experience to offer solutions that streamline operations, transform customer engagement, and revamp financial management.

Expanding the APAC Horizon: Why Chennai?

After establishing its Asia-Pacific (APAC) headquarters in Hong Kong in 2012 and subsequently expanding to Tianjin, China, and Singapore, Queue Associates has now chosen Chennai, India, as its newest regional hub. The decision to expand to Chennai resonates with Queue’s aim to fortify its on-site client services while satisfying the stipulations of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. This new strategic move ensures licensing coverage and 360-degree services across an array of nations and territories.

“We are enhancing Queue’s capabilities by tapping into India’s extensive talent reservoir and fortifying its strategic growth trajectory,” says Arun Kumar, the Regional Director leading the India team.

A Strategic Lever for Global Growth

Queue Associates’ Global Managing Director, Jeffrey Goldstein, couldn’t be more excited about this development. “We are honored by the support of the India community we’ve worked with for years. This new entity will drive Queue Associates’ growth in APAC and beyond, providing us with abundant capacity and resources for delivery,” he remarks.

The Chennai office joins Queue’s extensive network of regional facilities, including those in Singapore, Toronto, Canada, Boca Raton, Florida, and Hamilton, Bermuda. These regional bases collectively fortify Queue Associates’ commitment to engaging customers on a global scale.

Access to Expanded Customer Opportunities

The expansion to Chennai is more than just a geographic venture; it’s a strategic leap into an environment brimming with technological talents and resources. “Queue’s distinguished position as a global market pioneer in the Dynamics 365 space allows us unparalleled access to vastly expanded customer opportunities,” says Arun Kumar, India Director of Queue Associates.

India’s rich reservoir of tech-savvy professionals is another pivotal factor in Queue’s expansion strategy. The new India office is being seen as a catalyst to not just harness this local talent but also to infuse fresh vigor into Queue’s global operations.

Final Thoughts

Queue Associates’ new office in Chennai, India, signifies a pivotal milestone in the company’s journey of global expansion and technological innovation. The state-of-the-art facility aims to serve as a regional command center, providing comprehensive Microsoft cloud services to a broad spectrum of clientele across APAC.

With this move, Queue Associates not only reiterates its commitment to delivering high-quality Microsoft solutions but also opens new avenues for global client engagement. It’s an exciting phase for Queue Associates, one that is set to redefine how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other cloud services are delivered across the APAC region and beyond.

For more information, visit Queue Associates’ website at www.queueassoc.com.

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