Redefining London’s Commercial Real Estate Landscape: 15 Innovative Startups

August 8, 2023

London’s commercial real estate sector is undergoing a transformative journey, powered by innovation and technology. In this bustling metropolis, a new wave of startups is driving change in the way we perceive and interact with commercial spaces. This article introduces 15 dynamic companies at the forefront of London’s commercial real estate revolution.

KittReimagine Your Workspace


Kitt is more than just office space – it’s a comprehensive platform that takes care of every aspect, from design and fitting to ongoing management. Their approach allows businesses to create optimal work environments.

Built AIEnhancing Property Analysis with AI


Built AI is empowering real estate professionals with advanced tools for quicker and more informed commercial property analysis, harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

VU.CITYVisualize the Future of Urban Planning


VU.CITY’s SaaS platform empowers real estate experts to make smarter design and planning choices by providing visual data insights that accelerate decision-making.

TABSmart Bridging Loans for Property Projects


TAB offers short-term bridging loans specifically tailored for property ventures, providing smoother and more efficient financing solutions.

ApraoRevolutionizing Real Estate Software


Aprao introduces game-changing B2B SaaS solutions to the real estate industry, streamlining operations with innovative software.

ReallaAll-in-One Commercial Property Platform

Realla integrates instruction management, lead management, and contact management, creating a comprehensive platform for real estate professionals.

HARNESS Data IntelligenceEmpowering Decision-Making with Data


HARNESS Data Intelligence leverages data to provide insights that empower commercial real estate professionals to make well-informed choices.

Built-IDConnect Consultants and Architects


Built-ID’s online platform fosters collaboration among consultants and architectural practices, creating a space for knowledge sharing.

Carbon AnalyticsLeading the Charge in Carbon Tracking


Carbon Analytics introduces a pioneering platform for tracking carbon emissions in industrial spaces, driving sustainability in commercial real estate.

QualifyrEmpowering Tenant Qualification

Qualifyr’s Tenant Qualification Engine equips commercial agents and landlords with vital insights for informed decisions.

Apex Housing GroupInnovative Property Management


Apex Housing Group specializes in property management and social housing solutions, contributing to urban efficiency.

MoveliEmpowering Real Estate Professionals


Moveli’s tech platform empowers estate agents and brokers for autonomous operations, fostering seamless transactions.

ShareDiningRevolutionizing Commercial Kitchens


ShareDining transforms the way food-related businesses access shared kitchen spaces, introducing a platform for commercial kitchen sourcing.

Apply.PropertyStreamlined Prospect Management

Apply.Property offers a comprehensive software solution for managing prospects in both residential and commercial property agencies.

cubyElevating Co-Living & Co-Working Spaces


cuby is on a mission to redefine co-living and co-working spaces with a focus on community and user experience.

These pioneering startups are shaping the future of London’s commercial real estate scene. From reimagining office spaces to harnessing data intelligence and fostering sustainable practices, they’re propelling the city’s urban landscape into an era of innovation and transformation.

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