RetailTech Recruitment expert Storm5 has launched its Hamburg office.

June 7, 2023

Storm5, a fresh entrant in Hamburg’s tech talent marketplace, aims to impact the technology industry continuously and significantly. Storm5’s proficiency in sourcing exceptional professionals for the RetailTech sector has already captured attention and gained recognition.

Storm5 DACH, led by Benedict Rippstain, is dedicated to solving a major pain point for tech businesses in the DACH region – the hiring and retention of high-quality talent.

Located in the heart of Hamburg at Axel-Springer-Platz 3, Benedict Rippstain will lead a team of 14 consultants, all specialists in RetailTech. Storm5 covers a range of spaces within the RetailTech industry including E-Commerce, MarTech, Supply Chain & Logistics, and In-Store Technology. Under Benedict’s leadership, the team projects growth through the addition of another academy by the end of 2023.

The RetailTech recruitment powerhouse was founded in 2021 by Olivier Kerckhove, at a time when COVID-19 fuelled a massive shift in consumer behaviour, with retailers and e-commerce platforms focusing more on innovation, convenience, and sustainability to improve the customer experience. Since launching, Storm5 has worked with hundreds of clients from the RetailTech industry such as Vinted and Klarna. With a global headcount of 50, the team is driven by the desire to have a real impact on the market by connecting extraordinary talent and fast growth scale-ups. 

Olivier Kerckhove, Founder of Storm5, has said: “As the founder of Storm5, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our new office in Hamburg. This expansion represents a significant milestone in our journey, as we extend our reach to serve the vibrant RetailTech community in the DACH region. With Hamburg’s thriving business ecosystem and pool of talented professionals, we are assured to deliver exceptional recruitment services and forge valuable partnerships.”

Benedict Rippstain, Director of Storm5 DACH, has said: “Hitting the ground running is what we do best here at Levin. In Storm5 we’re ready to conquer the RetailTech market in the DACH region. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to support top-performing companies with the very best talent in the region right from our office in Hamburg.”

The launch of the Hamburg office marks the brand’s fourth location, joining existing offices in London, Amsterdam, and Singapore, further solidifying its position as a global leader in the industry. With this expansion and its global network of talent, the brand is poised to better serve their clients, particularly those looking to expand into the DACH-region and tap into its thriving market from all corners of the world.

About Storm5

Launching in 2021, Storm5 are leaders who operate in the RetailTech space and have a dedicated team of experts aiding the exponential growth of organisations with the aims of connecting talent and organisations to create B2B and B2C customer journeys and creating the most customer-focused recruitment experience globally.

Since launching in 2021, Storm5 have prided themselves on being specialists in RetailTech, covering a range of sectors: E-commerce, Extended Reality, MarTech, Supply Chain and Logistics, In-Store Tech and many others.

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