Revolutionizing Freight Management: Wisor’s Strategic Integration of Windward’s Maritime AI

July 22, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Wisor incorporates Windward’s Maritime AI technology, offering enhanced freight visibility and optimizing business operations.
  • Windward’s AI-driven insights deliver precise ETAs, and near-real-time container tracking, aiding in more efficient and profitable decision-making.
  • The strategic alliance signifies a growing trend towards the integration of AI in existing systems for comprehensive and holistic solutions.

About Wisor and Windward

Established in 2021 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Wisor is an innovative tech company that provides cutting-edge freight booking software solutions. It aims to modernize the global freight forwarding industry that manages the delivery of goods consumed worldwide. Wisor’s plug & play solution offers an automated quoting solution, empowering more than 300,000 traditional freight forwarding companies to boost efficiency, cut costs, and enhance profitability.

Windward (LSE: WNWD) is a leading Maritime AI™ company that offers a comprehensive platform for risk management and maritime domain awareness, accelerating global trade. It provides a 360° view of the maritime ecosystem, allowing stakeholders, including ocean freight forwarders, shipping companies, insurers, energy companies, banks, and governments, to make real-time, predictive intelligence-driven decisions.

Integration for Innovation

In a world increasingly dominated by SaaS products, companies are focusing on integrating third-party solutions that offer value, ease of implementation, and multi-functional service, instead of developing specific in-house solutions. Wisor’s integration of Windward’s Maritime AI aligns with this trend, providing users with a solution that enhances visibility and decision-making in the supply chain.

Enhancing Freight Management with AI

The integration of Windward’s Ocean Freight Visibility (OFV) into Wisor’s offering ensures full supply chain visibility, precise ETAs, and 99% global coverage in container tracking. This partnership allows users to adapt swiftly to real-time issues and find alternative solutions, enhancing efficiency and profitability.

“We are seeing a growing trend, especially in the freight and logistics industries, of companies looking to embed AI into existing products to create more comprehensive and holistic solutions,” said Ami Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder of Windward. “Our partnership with Wisor demonstrates how the simple integration of Windward AI into their platform improves visibility, efficiency, and profitability across the supply chain, adding immediate value to their customers.”

Echoing these sentiments, Raz Ronen, CEO of Wisor, expressed his excitement about the strategic collaboration, “We are thrilled to initiate this strategic collaboration with Windward, an innovation-driven partner, to accelerate digital transformation within the supply chain ecosystem and boost overall effectiveness.”

Future Expectations

This partnership between Wisor and Windward promises to revolutionize the freight management sector by harnessing AI’s potential to enhance supply chain visibility and optimize decision-making. In an era where industries continually strive for efficiency and profitability, this innovative integration serves as a beacon for other freight and logistics companies to follow.

This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in the digital transformation of the supply chain, reinforcing the importance of AI technology in shaping the future of global freight forwarding. By integrating Windward’s AI into its platform, Wisor not only elevates its service offering but also paves the way for the industry’s digital future.

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