Revolutionizing Human Resources: The Top 15 HR Startups in London

October 12, 2023

1. Hofy

Tagline: Global equipment for your teams in 1 click
Hofy brings a global perspective to HR solutions, ensuring teams are equipped no matter where they are. One-click equipment procurement simplifies remote working setups.

2. Applied

Tagline: Hire with purpose, supported by science.
Applied is dedicated to removing biases from the hiring process. Its predictive, skills-based approach is a game changer in creating diverse and competent teams.

3. Veremark

Tagline: Streamlining the pre-employment screening process.
Veremark stands out as a dedicated startup focusing on thorough and efficient pre-employment screenings.

4. Guider

Tagline: Pioneering peer-to-peer learning and upskilling.
From mentoring to coaching, Guider promotes a holistic approach to employee development, emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

5. Tempo

Tagline: Connecting business support professionals with top employers.
Tempo’s recruitment platform is reinventing the way businesses find the best support talent, bridging the gap between companies and professionals.

6. Flexa Careers

Flexa Careers
Tagline: Bringing transparency to flexible hiring.
Flexa Careers champions flexible working conditions, offering a platform where job-seekers can find roles tailored to their needs.

7. Humaans

Tagline: Streamlined HRIS for remote and distributed teams.
Humaans specializes in employee management software, designed specifically for the needs of today’s dispersed global teams.

8. Niya

Tagline: Building diverse teams on a large scale.
Niya emphasizes diversity in recruitment, ensuring companies have a rich and varied workforce.

Tagline: Connecting developers worldwide. makes the world smaller by connecting companies with developers from under-represented markets.

10. Clear Review

Clear Review
Tagline: Continuous performance management and engagement.
Clear Review promotes constant employee development and feedback, ensuring teams are always at their best.

11. Intrro

Tagline: Unlocking the potential of employee referrals.
Intrro believes the best candidates might be in your employee’s network, streamlining the referral process.

12. Real Links

Real Links
Tagline: Leverage your employee network for the best hires.
Real Links empowers HR teams to tap into their own workforce’s networks for efficient and effective recruitment.

13. Metaview

Tagline: Empowering companies with data-driven interviews.
Metaview’s technology ensures companies’ interviews are thorough and effective, backed by data and analytics.

Tagline: A new wave of Human Resources services. provides a broad spectrum of HR services, catering to modern businesses’ multifaceted needs.

15. Tabled

Tagline: Enhancing collaboration in legal and compliance.
Tabled transforms HR workflows, especially in legal and compliance, ensuring smoother stakeholder collaboration.

Note: All the companies listed above are based in London, England, United Kingdom and cater to the Human Resources industry.

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