Revolutionizing Sales: London’s Top Startup Companies

July 31, 2023


In the dynamic and fast-paced business landscape of London, startups are continuously transforming the sales industry with innovative solutions and customer-centric approaches. These companies are at the forefront of modernizing the way businesses connect with their customers, driving sales growth, and revolutionizing the shopping experience. This article explores 15 fascinating sales startups in London that are reshaping the sales landscape and leaving a lasting impact on the market.

Gradual: Transforming Sales Team Training

Gradual offers an online platform that enhances the training of sales team members, optimizing their performance. W:

bumboo: Sustainable Sales for a Better World

bumboo is a tree-free toilet paper and household supplies company that embraces eco-friendly practices. W:

Commissionly: Simplifying Sales Commissions

Commissionly provides cloud-based sales commission software exclusively designed for small to medium businesses. W:

Tooth.Eco: Eco-conscious Dental Sales

Tooth.Eco is an e-commerce store dedicated to selling toothbrushes, promoting eco-conscious dental choices. W:

aValanche: Your Snowboarding Marketplace

aValanche is an e-commerce site where snowboarding enthusiasts can buy and sell related items.

Earth 2: Exploring Digital Real Estate

Earth 2 is a groundbreaking platform where individuals can buy and own digital real estate. W:

Mash Paddle Brewery: Crafting Socially Conscious Beers

Mash Paddle Brewery is a social-enterprise brewery that produces beers with a focus on social impact. W:

Self-Portrait: Timeless Style, Contemporary Sales

Self-Portrait offers stylish designs that stand the test of time, catering to modern tastes. W:

Robust Ventures: Borderless D2C Powerhouse

Robust Ventures is a borderless D2C company, creating, acquiring, and scaling brands globally. W:

Find Me Sales: AI-Driven Sales Research and Outreach

Find Me Sales utilizes AI automation for sales research and outreach, offering real-time databases of UK companies. W:

Au Vodka: Raising the Bar in Alcohol Sales

Au Vodka is a manufacturing and sales firm, delivering high-quality alcohol products. W:

Tamanna: An End-to-End Fashion Marketplace

Tamanna aims to create a multi-brand online fashion market, offering a seamless end-to-end experience. W:

Salesbook: Empowering Outside Sales with Technology

Salesbook is a sales acceleration platform designed to empower outside sales teams to close deals effectively. W:

Nolii: Personalizing Tech Accessories Sales

Nolii manufactures and sells a people-first ecosystem of modular tech accessories, catering to individual preferences. W:

Radiate B2B: Unleashing Intent Data for Sales

Radiate B2B provides an intent data platform that monitors company activity to identify potential leads in the market. W:


London’s sales startups are the driving force behind transformative changes in the sales industry. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, these companies are shaping a new era of sales strategies and customer experiences. From eco-conscious products to cutting-edge tech solutions, each startup brings a unique approach to cater to the diverse needs of today’s consumers. With their disruptive ideas and unwavering determination, these 15 sales startups are leading the charge in redefining sales practices and empowering businesses for a brighter future.

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