Roobet Introduces MMA Podcast Slate with Influential Figures in Combat Sports

July 9, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Roobet has launched a series of podcasts featuring influential personalities in the MMA community.
  • The Champions Corner Podcast is hosted by current UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno in Spanish, while On The House is hosted by renowned agent and MMA businessman Jason House in English.
  • Diego Lima, head coach and manager of the famous Chute Boxe Academy in São Paulo, Brazil, hosts the Chute Boxe Podcast in Portuguese.
  • Roobet has built state-of-the-art podcast studios at Iridium Sports Agency headquarters and the Chute Boxe Academy to facilitate these podcast series.
  • The initiative is part of Roobet’s broader support for combat sports athletes and content creators, including major sponsorships of various fighters and academies.

About the Podcasts and Hosts

Roobet’s podcast slate features three distinct shows hosted by influential figures in the MMA community:

  1. Champions Corner Podcast: Hosted by current UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno, this podcast offers a glimpse into Moreno’s personal life and covers topics of interest to him and his friends. Guests include Rey Mysterio, Diego Lopez, Moreno’s wife, and his psychologist. The podcast is in Spanish.
  2. On The House: Hosted by Jason House, a renowned agent and MMA businessman, this English-language podcast provides a platform for people to share their stories and offer advice on life, business, and success. The podcast is set to premiere in mid-summer.
  3. Chute Boxe Podcast: Hosted by Diego Lima, the head coach and manager of the renowned Chute Boxe Academy in São Paulo, Brazil, this podcast is in Portuguese and aims to provide insights into the lives of Chute Boxe fighters, stories of overcoming challenges and dedication, and interviews with various celebrities. The podcast will launch in late summer and will feature guests such as former UFC Lightweight Champion Charles Oliveira.

Supporting Combat Sports Athletes and Content Creators

Roobet’s podcast slate is part of the company’s broader commitment to supporting combat sports athletes and content creators. Over the past year, Roobet has been a major sponsor of notable figures such as Brandon Moreno, former UFC Middleweight Champion Alex Pereira, multiple world champion Canelo Alvarez, UFC star Marlon “Chito” Vera, and the Chute Boxe Academy.

The initiative goes beyond traditional sponsorships, aiming to create platforms that support fighters outside of the cage and generate revenue streams beyond their fighting careers.

About Roobet

Roobet is a leading crypto casino and entertainment brand that has gained popularity in the crypto and gaming sectors. As one of the world’s fastest-growing fully-licensed crypto casinos, Roobet offers a next-generation entertainment experience with over 3,300+ games from top iGaming studios, a comprehensive Sportsbook, and original IP. The platform operates on an innovative and secure infrastructure accessible to eligible gamers worldwide.

Roobet’s mission is to advance the everyday applications of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology while supporting the content creator economy.

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