Rossum Marketplace Gives Customers an Easy Way to Build Highly Flexible and Customizable End-to-End Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Solutions

February 11, 2023

Rossum, the pioneer in cloud-native Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), announced new enhancements to its online marketplace that helps customers streamline and automate workflows. IDP implementations often fail to get off the ground due to costly, time-consuming integrations. The Rossum marketplace solves this problem by giving customers a one-stop shop and direct access to AI-enabled document process capabilities without requiring support from software developers. Customers can now drive even more value from their document processing initiatives by leveraging software from industry leaders such as SAP, Workday, UiPath and Blue Prism.

Over the past few months, Rossum has added dozens of new connectors and API integration options that simplify document sorting and routing, automate business rules validation, and data extraction. These ready-made extensions take only a few clicks to deploy, helping to avoid lengthy implementations and complex setup procedures. Customers can also combine several extensions together to automate more complex document workflows.

“These innovations not only automate document processing but they also enable customers to collaborate more closely while unlocking the hidden value in their data through analysis,” says Petr Baudis, Founder and CTO of Rossum. “Customers can browse and access our latest IDP solutions in an à la carte fashion extending what’s currently possible in the IDP market.”

Unlike other technology marketplaces that offer limited capabilities and require complex integrations, the Rossum marketplace gives customers an easy way to build highly flexible and customizable end-to-end IDP solutions without requiring support from software developers. The marketplace enables organizations to integrate document processing more closely with existing CRM (customer relationship management), RPA (robotic process automation) and BPM (business process management) applications. Common use cases include automating workflow processes associated with accounts payable and receiving, along with supply chain logistics.

Key partners like Innovation Path are leveraging the Rossum marketplace to deliver more effective IDP solutions to their customers. Ondrej Beranek, Executive Director at Innovation Path, says, “at the heart of every workflow lies a document waiting to be digitized . We added our API capabilities to easily extend and scale the automation reach of vendors like UiPath. The Rossum marketplace is a collaborative community that is quickly becoming a one-stop destination for IDP solutions.”

According to Gartner®, “tech purchases through digital marketplaces are increasing rapidly. In 2021, 61% of B2B software buyers said they purchased through a cloud marketplace within the past year, and 83% said they’re likely to make future purchases through these marketplaces.” 1

Rossum drives high levels of intelligence and automated actions, completely transforming the document workflow for companies. For more information on Rossum technology and how AI automation applications improve business processes, visit

About Rossum

Rossum is a market leading Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution combining the industry’s most advanced data extraction capabilities with a complete low-code platform that automates significant amounts of manual work across a company’s document processing workflow. Hundreds of organizations across a wide range of sizes and industries including Bosch, HelloFresh, Morton Salt, and The Master Trust Bank of Japan use Rossum to reduce manual effort, improve turnaround times, and eliminate errors. Learn more at

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