SeeTrue announces an AI Open Architecture Platform

October 8, 2022

SeeTrue’s open architecture AI platform enables simpler, faster, seamless integration to enhance security screening at airports.

A new era – new requirements: Open architecture approach has become more prevalent in recent years as industries strive to create more flexible and easy-to-use platforms for operations and commercial development. With the increase in overall passenger capacity and rapidly growing demand for flights, open architecture can be a useful tool for transforming airport security into a more efficient and optimized operation. In the post-covid era, airports face operational and security challenges, and should be capable of quickly adapting to changing conditions.

AI technology and open architecture work together to produce powerful results.

Due to the complexity of threats, rapid changes, and increasing passenger volumes, as well as post-covid flight demand and operational challenges, a more flexible technological solution is a necessity. State-of-the-art artificial intelligence solution supported by an open architecture in security screening enables airports to optimize their operations without being bound to specific hardware and improves security while speeding up the screening process.

SeeTrue, which earlier this year announced its open architecture-based integration with IDSS’s DETECT 1000 checkpoint CT, has integrated in recent years with multiple X-Ray and CT scanners.

It is now time to take these capabilities further and enable our customers and partners to be able to optimize their business and to handle challenges in a less complex way.

Assaf Frenkel, Co-Founder & CEO of SeeTrue said: “with SeeTrue, customers can use their critical data for running additional algorithms and applications in real-time”, “SeeTrue’s platform integrates the results, and enables adding smart rules and customer configuration as part of the process.” he added.

About SeeTrue:

SeeTrue is a global leader in Screening Solutions, leveraging its state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for safe, fast, and efficient threat detection. SeeTrue provides an artificial intelligence-based automatic threat detection software solution on top of X-ray and CT systems at airports, seaports, urban security checkpoints, customs, and shipment, with solutions implemented in airports, urban industry, and critical infrastructures around the world. SeeTrue operates from Tel Aviv, London, and New York. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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