Showcasing London’s Rising Biotech Startups: Innovations from the British Capital

January 10, 2024

The biotechnology landscape of London has witnessed a remarkable wave of innovation with the inception of some promising startups since 2020. These startups are working relentlessly towards unprecedented advancements in medical research, therapy development, and health diagnostics to name a few, thus positioning London as a global leader in the Biotechnology industry.

The thrust of innovation has been fuelled by diverse areas including synthetic biology, machine learning, gene therapy and medical drugs to offer improved and sustainable health solutions. The startups have deployed a multi-disciplinary approach fusing the biological sciences with technology and artificial intelligence to spearhead research and development activities.

This article aims to highlight the significant contributions of these startups to the broader ecosystem and their vision to transform the healthcare sector. The startups showcased are all London-based, operating in the Biotechnology sector and were founded in or after 2020.

Hoxton Farms

Launched by Ed Steele and Max Jamilly, Hoxton Farms is a unique proposition in the Biotechnology sector striving to grow real animal fat without the use of animals. They blend cell biology with mathematical modelling to usher an era of sustainable and animal-friendly food sources. Follow them on their LinkedIn and @hoxtonfarms Twitter handles for latest updates.

Dunad Therapeutics

Dunad Therapeutics, founded by Diana Kraskouskaya and Patrick T. Gunning, focuses on developing targeted protein degradation therapies for the pharmaceutical industry. Their work aims to pave the way for next-generation therapeutic solutions and research insights.


Established by Daniel Blicher Holst Hansen, Bactobio employs synthetic biology as well as machine learning to discover novel microbes for various medical and industrial applications. The startup’s revolutionary work aims to tackle the anti-biotic resistance crisis before exploring broader applications. Follow them on LinkedIn and @bactobio Twitter for updates.

Purespring Therapeutics

Founded by Moin Saleem, Purespring Therapeutics is dedicated to kidney health with its primary focus being Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) gene therapy. The startup has left a substantial footprint in the field of gene therapy and is followed by a large community on LinkedIn and @PURESPRINGTX Twitter.

Duke Street Bio

Duke Street Bio, founded in 2020, is known for developing medical drugs to provide improved treatment for cancer patients. The startup plays a significant role in creating an environment conducive to medical breakthroughs for cancer treatment. Follow them on LinkedIn for updates on their work.


Kuano, co-founded by David Wright, Jarryl D’Oyley, Parminder Ruprah, and Vid Stojevic, leverages artificial intelligence and quantum technology to accelerate drug discovery and design. The company’s innovative platform has been hailed as a game-changer in the field of biotechnology. Their updates can be followed on LinkedIn and @QuantumKuano Twitter.

Complement Therapeutics

Complement Therapeutics is a preclinical stage company that develops a precision medicine diagnostic platform to optimise patient selection based on their complement-activation profile. Follow the company on LinkedIn to stay updated on their operations.


Founded by Jesus Rodriguez Manzano and Nicolas Moser, ProtonDx is a diagnostic platform that combines speed, sensitivity, specificity, and convenience for detecting multiple pathogens. Their updates can be followed on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Christopher Phillips and Hemmel Amrania in 2020, Digistain uses infrared scanning to determine which breast cancer patients are fit for chemotherapy. Follow this progressive startup on LinkedIn to stay updated on their advancements.

AccuStem Sciences

AccuStem Sciences is a life sciences company dedicated to optimising outcomes for patients battling cancer. With a primary focus on improving overall cancer treatment, this startup is making a substantial impact on the biotechnology scene.

Inspira Pharmaceuticals

Finding respectful place in the roster of new biotech startups, Inspira Pharmaceuticals was founded by Nick Woolf and Rory McGoldrick in 2020. They are dedicated to creating innovative therapies and prevention strategies for respiratory diseases. You can track their progress on LinkedIn and @Inspira_pharma Twitter.

In conclusion, these startups echo the sentiment of sustainable growth and innovative research in biotechnology. They are redefining the scope of what is possible in this industry and driving London’s growing reputation as a hub for biotechnological innovation.

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