Skyrocketing Cloud Savings: Zesty Partners with skyPurple Cloud, Slashing AWS Infrastructure Costs by 44%

June 15, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. Dynamic cloud infrastructure solutions pioneer, Zesty, partners with public cloud operations specialists, skyPurple Cloud.
  2. Collaboration already shows promising results, with a reported 44% reduction in average monthly EC2 Linux On-Demand costs on AWS.
  3. In the current economic climate, companies are increasingly vigilant with cloud spend, relying on meticulous manual monitoring and management of EC2 resources.
  4. skyPurple Cloud’s tailor-made approach and Zesty’s technology combine to automate and optimally scale cloud operations, fostering sustainable growth and cost reduction.
  5. In just the first month, skyPurple Cloud customers report a significant increase in Amazon EC2 service quotas and substantial time and cost savings.

About Zesty

A pioneer in dynamic cloud infrastructure solutions, Zesty empowers organizations to adapt swiftly to shifting business needs. Through its comprehensive solutions for compute, block storage, and Kubernetes, Zesty ensures real-time scalability of resources to meet application demands. This means DevOps teams can cut cloud costs, maintain peak app performance, minimize infra management hassle, and fully capitalize on the cloud’s inherent flexibility.

Established in 2019, Zesty has consistently striven to make cloud services more affordable and accessible. With three global offices in San Mateo, Tel Aviv, and Kiev, it aids thousands of organizations in getting maximum value from their cloud infrastructure.

The Zesty and skyPurple Cloud Alliance: A Cost-Saving Success Story

In an unprecedented move, Zesty has teamed up with skyPurple Cloud, the experts in public cloud operations for enterprises. The partnership has immediately borne fruit, with skyPurple Cloud customers reporting a 44% decrease in their average monthly EC2 Linux On-Demand costs on AWS.

Companies, more than ever, are cognizant of their cloud spending in this period of economic uncertainty, heavily relying on developers to continuously monitor and manage EC2 resources and cloud spending. Thanks to skyPurple Cloud’s customized approach, coupled with Zesty’s tech, customers can optimally scale and automate cloud operations, promoting sustainable growth while reducing costs.

In a short span of a month since implementation, skyPurple Cloud customers have noted a considerable rise in service quotas for Amazon EC2 instances and saved substantial resources by automatically handling quota requests.

Words from the Leaders

“Especially during these challenging times, skyPurple Cloud recognizes the essentiality for businesses to uphold performance and cut costs,” said Maxim Melamedov, CEO and co-founder of Zesty. “We’re thrilled that skyPurple Cloud is helping its customers stay cost-efficient by implementing Zesty.”

Lucia Meyassed, Global Partner Manager Team Lead at Zesty, remarked, “skyPurple Cloud plays a vital role in achieving cloud optimization in the UK market. We’re excited to see its customers already saving considerably with Zesty and look forward to enabling more UK-based organizations to maximize their cloud savings potential.”

Roy Long, founder of skyPurple Cloud, also chimed in, “At skyPurple Cloud, we understand the tremendous value automation tools bring for companies in optimally managing cloud infrastructure and associated costs. Zesty is the boon these companies have been waiting for, delivering cost savings in just a few days and substantially reducing monthly AWS bills.”

About skyPurple Cloud

Established in 2017, skyPurple Cloud offers tailored cloud solutions to address challenges in customer public cloud implementations. It aids in securing, optimizing, and automating cloud operations while driving sustainable growth. With a team adept at handling complex cloud architectures, including machine learning and serverless technologies, skyPurple Cloud excels in cloud security posture management, cost optimization, mature FinOps practices, and automated deployment tools.

Find out more about meeting with Zesty and skyPurple at the AWS Summit in London here!

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