Snigel Becomes The First Carbon Neutral Publisher Ad Monetization Company

April 18, 2023

Snigel, an award-winning advertising technology company, today announced it has become the first publisher ad monetization and header bidding company to be certified Carbon Neutral. The company, which helps online publishers maximize ad revenue through programmatic advertising, has embarked on a mission to ensure sustainable monetization of digital content for users, publishers, advertisers, and the environment.

Founded in 2012 by two former Google executives, Snigel has become a trusted monetization partner for a rapidly expanding group of over 200 of the world’s largest websites. With a strong focus on publishers and fostering a healthy ad tech ecosystem, Snigel promotes a culture of collaboration and excellence. The company’s deep technical expertise has resulted in impressive revenue growth of over 40% CAGR since 2020. Snigel has consistently appeared on “Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50” list since 2020 and has been listed on the “FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies” for two consecutive years.

Recognizing that the internet accounts for 2-4% of global carbon emissions – on par with the airline industry – Snigel was inspired by its partners Google and OpenX, both of which have achieved carbon-neutral status. Snigel began work in the summer of 2022 and received significant help on the journey from London-based Private Equity firm CBPE who invested in Snigel in early 2023.

Snigel’s steps to minimize its carbon footprint included:

  • Minimizing commuting through remote working or using nearby co-working spaces
  • Encouraging green energy usage wherever possible
  • Investing in Snigel’s auto-scaling server infrastructure that activates only on demand
  • Minimizing business travel, including prioritizing alternatives to air travel
  • Reducing the impact of our supply chain by cutting out unnecessary ad requests
  • Monitoring and recording our progress through industry standard KPIs
  • Educating our workforce on how to reduce their impact on our planet

On 17 April 2023, Snigel officially announced it had been certified as a Carbon Neutral organization by Carbon Footprint.

Carbon Footprint is a leading environmental consultancy that specializes in assessments, strategy planning, and carbon offsetting while helping organizations reduce carbon emissions and develop strong environmental credentials. The consultancy holds ISO14001 certification and operates a quality management system to ISO9001 standards.

Ben Rycroft, Co-CEO of Snigel, said, “We are committed to creating a sustainable balance for users, publishers, advertisers, and the environment. Becoming a Carbon Neutral organization is a significant milestone in our ongoing journey to reduce our carbon footprint. We hope our story inspires other adtech companies to follow suit.”

Snigel will continue to focus on reducing its carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly initiatives in the adtech sector. As a certified Carbon Neutral organization, Snigel demonstrates its commitment to environmental stewardship and encourages others in the industry to join the carbon-neutral movement.

About Snigel

Snigel is an award-winning advertising technology company that helps online publishers maximize their ad revenue through programmatic advertising. Founded in 2012, Snigel has consistently ranked among the fastest-growing European companies. Over 200 of the world’s largest websites use Snigel’s market-leading monetization technology and their veteran team of ad operations experts. The company’s headquarters are in Dublin, with teams spread across Austria, Portugal, Poland, Germany, and the UK.

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