Socura Expands into Cardiff: Riding the Welsh Cybersecurity Wave

August 19, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Socura, a UK-based managed detection and response services company, relocates to Cardiff from London.
  • The move aims to tap into the thriving cybersecurity ecosystem, skills pool, and government support in Wales.
  • Cardiff’s emergence as a tech hub and its Cyber Innovation Hub attract businesses and talent.
  • Socura’s decision to move is driven by merit, aligning with the booming Welsh cybersecurity sector.

Socura’s Strategic Relocation to Cardiff:

Socura, a prominent player in the realm of managed detection and response services, has made a significant move by relocating its operations from London to Cardiff. This strategic decision is underpinned by the burgeoning cybersecurity landscape that Wales, particularly Cardiff, has cultivated in the wake of the pandemic. The move reflects Socura’s endeavor to capitalize on the wealth of cybersecurity skills, growing startups, and government investment that have surged in the region.

Cardiff: A Rising Star in the Tech Universe:

Cardiff has swiftly risen to prominence as one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech hubs, luring businesses and talent alike. At the heart of this transformation lies the Cyber Innovation Hub, an initiative spearheaded by the Welsh Government. This innovative platform is dedicated to nurturing world-class cyber security products, fostering high-growth businesses, and attracting technically-skilled professionals to the region. Cardiff’s allure is further enhanced by prestigious universities such as Cardiff and Swansea, renowned for their robust computer science and cybersecurity programs. As Socura embraces its new Cardiff base, the company plans to make significant hires in the area.

A Fertile Ground for Business Growth:

Socura’s choice of relocation is not simply driven by sentiment but by the immense opportunities Cardiff offers. The Welsh Government’s emphasis on cybersecurity has played a pivotal role in the decision. Socura is eager to collaborate with Welsh businesses and private sector organizations, recognizing the imperative of fortified cybersecurity in the face of escalating cyber threats. With cybercriminal groups targeting critical infrastructure providers and key industries in Wales, such as finance, healthcare, defense, manufacturing, and education, Socura’s expertise in securing these sectors is poised to make a significant impact.

A Homeland Advantage: Leadership Insights:

Andy Kays, CEO of Socura, explains, “I was born and raised in Wales, but the decision to move our offices to Cardiff was based on merit, not sentiment. Standing in our new office, it feels as though you are in the center of the Welsh cybersecurity boom. The rise of remote working has made many workers and businesses reconsider the compulsion to relocate or commute to London. It has allowed areas like Cardiff to emerge as a hotbed for the UK cybersecurity sector.”

Jo Stevens, MP for Cardiff Central, echoes this sentiment, highlighting Cardiff’s credentials as a robust tech hub. “Cardiff is an amazing place to run a business, and its credentials as a tech hub rival any city in the UK. We are home to fantastic universities that produce extremely talented and high-skilled individuals. We also support our businesses to grow to their maximum potential, whether that’s in the UK or if they have global ambitions.”

Welcoming Socura to Wales: Government Support:

Welcoming Socura to its new home in Wales, Welsh Government Economy Minister Vaughan Gething expresses his enthusiasm. “The Welsh Government’s priority is to help businesses create new jobs in the industries of the future. Our clear focus on developing cybersecurity as a key strength for Wales means we now boast world-class expertise in the sector, which is firmly at the forefront of our international economic ambitions.”

He continues, “So I’m very pleased to welcome Socura to Cardiff. I’m delighted they were attracted here because of our growing cyber ecosystem. I’m confident they will play a key role in helping to break down barriers to markets, support homegrown talent and attract other key players to the region.”

Socura: Pioneering Cybersecurity for a Safer Digital World:

Socura’s primary mission is to offer a 24/7 Threat Detection and Response managed service through its UK-based SOC team. This service serves as an extension of clients’ in-house capabilities, swiftly identifying and containing cyber threats. As the company expands its footprint to Cardiff, its vision of a safer digital world gains greater momentum. Socura blends technical expertise, industry experience, and a people-centric approach to usher in a new era of cybersecurity solutions that bring about tangible business value.

A Gateway to Innovation and Transformation:

Socura’s relocation to Cardiff stands as a testament to the city’s meteoric rise as a cybersecurity and tech hub. As businesses continue to recognize the benefits of a robust cybersecurity ecosystem and government support, Cardiff is poised to emerge as a stronghold in the digital landscape. Socura’s partnership with the Welsh cybersecurity community exemplifies the potential for innovation, collaboration, and growth that this dynamic city embodies.

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