Socura partners with Axonius to help customers lockdown sprawling IT estates

June 19, 2023

Socura, the UK-based managed detection and response specialist, today announced a new partnership with Axonius, the leader in cybersecurity asset management and SaaS management. The agreement to provide the Axonius solution to Socura customers will help them control complex and sprawling IT environments, as well as augmenting Socura’s managed SOC team.

Axonius provides a comprehensive digital asset inventory that acts as a ‘single source of truth’ for security teams. It will help Socura customers uncover potential security gaps and harden their defences with support from the Socura team. Completing this kind of asset inventory is also essential for building an effective ISMS (information security management system) and achieving certifications such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and the DSP Toolkit self-assessment.

Axonius will also improve visibility and device context for Socura’s SOC team, enabling them to respond to alerts and cyber incidents more effectively. Meantime to response is a critical factor in any cyber security incident and Socura prides itself on its ability to help companies manage and mitigate all incidents swiftly and effectively. Socura offers managed detection and response services to many large public sector organisations, hospitals, critical infrastructure providers, financial organisations and manufacturing firms.

“If companies don’t understand their IT environment, they can’t secure it,” said Andy Kays, Socura CEO. “This was a fundamental challenge in security even before the pandemic and rise of remote working. It’s why we have been searching for the right partner in this space for a long time. Axonius offers a single source of truth for companies trying to understand their environment and all the devices on it. The solution will also be invaluable for our SOC. As a vendor in the Cybersecurity Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) market, Axonius enhances the coverage of our SOC team and improves their visibility. If a customer has a security incident, we will instantly see detailed context on the device. This can help us improve the speed and efficiency of our response, which is always a vital element in mitigating the impact of a breach.”

“From the Fortune 500 to emerging innovators, companies and partners around the world trust Axonius to deliver context, visibility, and control — making all other security and SaaS management processes and tools more efficient and effective,” said Mark Daggett, vice president of worldwide channels and alliances, Axonius. “Our partnership with Socura expands our availability to even more organisations who are struggling with growing IT complexity.”

About Axonius

Axonius gives customers the confidence to control complexity by mitigating threats, navigating risk, automating response actions, and informing business-level strategy. With solutions for both cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) and SaaS management, Axonius is deployed in minutes and integrates with hundreds of data sources to provide a comprehensive asset inventory, uncover gaps, and automatically validate and enforce policies. Cited as one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity startups, with accolades from CNBC, Forbes, and Fortune, Axonius covers millions of assets, including devices and cloud assets, user accounts, and SaaS applications, for customers around the world.

About Socura

Socura offers a 24/7 Threat Detection and Response managed service via its nationally distributed, UK-based SOC team. The service acts as a trusted extension of clients’ in-house capabilities, delivering swift detection and containment of cyber threats.

Socura helps make the digital world a safer place for its clients and changes the way organisations think about cyber security. It blends technical expertise and industry experience with a people-centric approach to security. Socura has innovation in its DNA, and is pushing the boundaries to deliver high-value cyber security services for clients.

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