Spotlight on Innovative London-Based Asset Management Startups

January 10, 2024

Zodia Custody

Based in the heart of London, Zodia Custody is a promising startup focused on financial services, asset management, and cryptocurrency. While the company has not provided a detailed description of its operations, its activities within the asset management industry are expected to have a significant impact. The startup can be connected with through their software. Follow them on LinkedIn

Quantum Investment

Also headquartered in London, Quantum Investment offers wide-ranging services including asset management, cryptocurrency, financial services, professional services, and trading platform. Though the specific details about their operations are yet to be unveiled, the company’s diverse portfolio indicates a strong presence in the asset management industry. You can get in touch with them via their LinkedIn and Facebook pages..

MillTechFX by Millennium Global

With a compelling vision to provide independent, transparent and tech-enabled FX services, MillTechFX by Millennium Global aims to reduce FX and hedging costs. Their one-stop currency marketplace is ideal for institutional investors, corporates, and global businesses. The firm concentrates on asset management, financial services, and fintech. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Maniyar Capital

Driven by Dharmesh Maniyar, Maniyar Capital is prominently headquartered in London. Focusing on giving advice, providing asset management services, and offering financial guidance, the startup has a strong presence in its chosen sectors. While details about their achievements and future projects are awaited, you can still connect with them on LinkedIn.


An innovative startup based in London, ProsperUs leverages digital asset technologies to facilitate secure, frictionless peer-to-peer exchanges of assets. Their unique platform aims to resolve complex value transfer problems for its users. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


ImpactVest is a dynamic asset management startup which also dives into cybersecurity and financial services. With their headquarters in London, the company hasn’t detailed their services but their digital presence is established. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Kensys is a London-based startup that offers services in asset management, financial services, risk management and wealth management. Founded by Edwy Zoonekynd and Stephane Renard, this promising startup has yet to detail their operations but has set a clear aim. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Reframe Capital

Located in London, Reframe Capital, founded by Benjamin Lamping, operates as a go-to-market solutions specialist in the asset management, private markets, business strategy, development, and advisory industry. You can follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Facility for Energy Inclusion

The Facility for Energy Inclusion is a financing platform designed to support the power sector. While the description is succinct, it shows their seriousness in the asset management and wealth management sectors. The startup is based in London, and further engagement can be made on LinkedIn.

Reviresco Partners

Reviresco Partners, founded by James Wellwood, invests into and partners operationally with a select number of businesses in order to achieve long-term value through alignment. Specific focus areas are Life Sciences, Wellbeing and Education. They can be contacted via their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Vestrum Management Solutions

Last but not least, Vestrum Management Solutions aims to make a significant impact in the asset management industry. The startup provides services in asset management, banking, insurance, payments, and wealth management. While details regarding their operations are still under wraps, they have a solid presence in their selected sectors. The company can be connected with on LinkedIn.

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