Spotlight on London-Based Analytics Startups Transforming Data Insights

January 10, 2024

Bringing innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology to the Analytics industry, a wave of recently founded startups in London have been reinventing how we collect, process, understand, and use data. These startups, founded in 2020 and later, combine artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and other modern technologies to pioneer new methods, tools, and platforms for the analytics industry. Whether it’s improving brain health through advanced data analytics or using analytics to heighten business productivity, these London-based startups are not dismayed by the complexities of data.

As these startups are just a few years old or younger, there’s an energy and intuition to their approaches that perfectly captures the spirit of London’s innovativeness and dynamism. They are representative of a generation of highly entrepreneurial tech professionals who are not afraid to experiment and innovate within a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry. As these startups wield analytics and data, they promise to disrupt traditional models and bring about new paradigms.

The Analytics industry in London is accelerating rapidly, with these start ups leading the way. While their applications and focus areas differ, they are united in their dedication to harnessing the power of analytics to revolutionize their respective sectors. Here are some exciting startups operating in the analytics industry, headquartered in the UK.


Based in London, Bitfount operates in numerous fields including Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Collaboration, Information Services, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Software. Founded by Blaise Thomson and Naaman Tammuz, Bitfount is a distributed data science platform that enables data custodians and scientists to collaborate on privacy-preserving data analysis and AI/ML.

Actable AI

Another London-based startup, Actable AI, empowers its users with advanced analytics to extract highly accurate, unbiased, and actionable insights from data. Their Machine Learning technologies leverage the best and latest AutoML, Explainable AI and Causal AI technologies to maximize the potential of data.

Regulatory Genome

Based in Cambridge, Regulatory Genome combines Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Text Analytics to provide dynamic and granular machine-readable regulatory content. Their content aids in enhancing regulatory intelligence and digitizing compliance and risk management processes.

FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics

Headquartered in Sheffield, FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics offers a productivity maximizing platform. They use Analytics and Big Data to drive efficiency in manufacturing processes.

Figura Analytics

Based in Loughborough, Figura Analytics uses advanced analytics to derive insights and improve decision-making.


E-sports analytics platform, SwiftSkill, helps gamers level up their gaming strategy. Based in London, it brings together analytics with gaming for an optimized player experience.


Based in London, Specter operates in the field of Analytics, Information Technology, Internet, and Software. They are a Venture Capital firm who use analytics to inform their investment decisions.


Dimensions develop a decision intelligence platform for product-led teams. Their platform enables faster and more effective decision-making through unified data across tools and helps product-led companies devise impactful strategies.


Mondra, a London-based startup aims to unlock the impact of the world’s global supply chains and lead changes to benefit future generations. They combine Deep Tech, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning to bring environmental impact data into the limelight.


London-based startup WALR provides tailored data collection solutions that enable researchers to focus on their success.


Launched in London, MYndspan is a science-led company that improves brain health using advanced analytics. They use the latest technology in Analytics, Health Care, Life Science, and Neuroscience to manage brain health.

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