Spotlight on London-Based Apps Startups Transforming the UK Tech Scene

January 10, 2024

As technologies continue to evolve, a new era of innovative startups has emerged in the app industry, fueled by ingenuity and ambitions to reshape the world. Formed amidst or after 2020, these startups have braved the uncertainties of the pandemic era to bring revolutionary ideas to life. Today, we profile top London-based startups flourishing in the app industry.

From fintech solutions disrupting traditional banking methods to healthcare apps revolutionizing patient care, this diverse set of companies creates a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. Their innovative services are not only transforming their respective industries but are also showcasing the dynamic talent thriving within London’s tech scene.

Let’s discover these ambitious London-based startups, their distinctive propositions, and their effort toward making an impact in the digital world.

Atlantic Money

Founded by Neeraj Baid and Patrick Kavanagh in 2020, Atlantic Money is a fintech startup focused on simplifying international money transfers. It provides the world’s cheapest solution for cross-border transactions for a flat fixed fee, handling transfers up to £1m or €1m. Atlantic Money leverages digital technology to make international payments fast, reliable, and affordable, thus redefining the realm of internet banking.


Dedicated to enhancing developer’s productivity, Raycast was founded by Petr Nikolaev and Thomas Mann. The company’s software is a command bar that allows developers to quickly access various applications and control their tools with minimal hassle. It’s an innovation designed to refine the workflow and efficiency within the tech realm.


WeLinQ is a startup focusing on mobile apps, online games, and personal health, founded by Amit Kushwaha. This startup aims to bridge the gap between technology and everyday convenience.


PawaPay, a fintech startup established in 2020, is creating a unified mobile money infrastructure in Africa by connecting different telecom operators. It empowers businesses with seamless and transparent mobile payments, reaching hundreds of millions of customers across multiple markets.


Anima, a healthcare startup founded by Shun Pang, aims to disrupt the healthcare sector with a next-generation Care Enablement Platform. By accelerating clinical workflows, Anima enables healthcare providers to deliver rapid and effective patient care.

Zeta Markets

Zeta Markets is a financial platform offering decentralized finance derivatives. It empowers anyone to speculate, hedge, and take positions on an infinite number of market movements at a fraction of traditional costs.


Shackle is an innovative app transforming the hospitality industry by digitizing the guest experience for hotels. Providing flexible and user-friendly services, Shackle provides intertwined administrative and operational systems to ensure ultimate guest satisfaction.


Earnr is a financial startup launched by Anil Nair, Enzo Ottens, and Jamie Leverton, focused on providing tax and financial services for the U.K. creator economy and side businesses. Earnr is designed to help independent workers navigate their financial landscape efficiently.


Twig is a fintech company focusing on circular economy concepts. Founded by Geri Cupi, Twig allows users to turn their things into cash instantly, promoting sustainability while powering the circular economy.


Founded by Chris Cragg, CLUB is a fantasy football mobile game that allows users to create their own football club, demonstrating the versatile potential of mobile gaming.


Introduced by Moustafa Mahmoud in 2020, Camlist is a unique app that allows individuals to buy, sell, and explore anything related to pets. It’s a one-stop solution for pet lovers and service providers alike.

These startups are reshaping their industries with innovative solutions. Their tenacity, innovative spirit, and determination underscore London’s position as a thriving hub for technological advancements.

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