Steering Towards Sustainability: The Double Victory for Dr. Jörn Richert at the Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards

July 22, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Jörn Richert, the head of Mobility Institute Berlin (mib), bags two awards at the 2023 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards.
  • He wins ‘Best CEO in the Management Consulting Industry’ and ‘Growth Strategy CEO of the Year Germany’.
  • Mib, under Dr. Richert’s guidance, is transforming the urban mobility scene by creating cleaner, efficient, and sustainable transportation systems.

About Mobility Institute Berlin (mib)

The Mobility Institute Berlin, founded in 2018, is a mission-driven consulting company dedicated to the transformation of urban mobility. Recognizing the pivotal role of transportation in everyday life and the pressing need for carbon-neutral mobility to mitigate climate change, mib is focused on shaping the future of mobility. The institute collaborates with city administrations, public transport companies, businesses, and communities to create sustainable transportation systems, making urban mobility simpler and more attractive.

The CEO Behind the Wheel: Dr. Jörn Richert

The architect of this transformation is Dr. Jörn Richert, the head of Mobility Institute Berlin. An expert in sustainability, strategic planning, and organizational change, Dr. Richert has leveraged his passion for revolutionizing public transportation and improving urban spaces to develop mib into a flourishing strategic consulting organization.

Achievements of Dr. Richert and mib

Under Dr. Richert’s leadership, mib has built an impressive portfolio of projects, all testament to its commitment to clean, efficient, and sustainable mobility. The organization boasts a talented team that has worked with leading transport companies, including Deutsche Bahn, Flix, Share Now, as well as large public transport companies such as Berlin’s BVG and Hamburg’s HOCHBAHN.

One of their recent feats includes helping Cologne design their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The team has also partnered with Munich to create a Micromobility-Sharing System and has played a key role in other significant public transport projects in cities like Berlin and Hamburg.

The Double Triumph

Recognizing his profound influence on the management consulting industry and his exceptional growth strategy, the 2023 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards honored Dr. Richert as the ‘Best CEO in the Management Consulting Industry’ and ‘Growth Strategy CEO of the Year Germany’. The awards are a testament to Dr. Richert’s exemplary leadership and the transformative work done by mib.

Innovation through Collaboration

At the heart of mib’s success is a collaborative spirit and a shared mission to prevent climate change through carbon-neutral mobility. This transformation also promises the potential to reshape urban public spaces, making cities more liveable. Through their work, mib is not just revolutionizing the mobility landscape, but also redefining the quality of life in urban spaces.

Forward Momentum

With their achievements being acknowledged and celebrated, mib, under Dr. Richert’s stewardship, will continue to lead the way for future movers and shakers of sustainable mobility. As urban spaces grow and change, the need for innovative, sustainable solutions to mobility becomes even more critical. The Mobility Institute Berlin, guided by a pioneering leader, is at the forefront of these changes, steering us towards a sustainable future.

To learn more about mib and the visionary work of Dr. Richert, visit the company’s website at For more information about the 2023 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards, head to

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