STS Capital Partners Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

March 12, 2023

STS Capital Partners is excited to announce its 20th anniversary. For more than two decades, STS has remained steadfast in its commitment to make Extraordinary Exits possible and to unlock legacy potential for entrepreneurial, private, and family business owners.

Since its founding in 2003, STS has grown into a trusted international firm with more than 25 managing directors and partners, 150 team members, and an extended network of experts and advisors that includes over 4,100 professionals worldwide.

Additionally, STS has plans to commemorate its 20-year anniversary milestone throughout 2023, which includes a fundraising event for charity. Giving back aligns with the firm’s ongoing goal of creating billions of dollars in new philanthropic and impact capital through M&A.

STS Capital Partners CEO Sean Friday also sees the anniversary as an opportunity to reflect on the significant progress the organization has made.

“20 years ago, our founder Rob Follows had a vision to grow STS into a global team of expert guides who help private business owners everywhere achieve Extraordinary Exits,” said Sean Friday.

“We are proud to help realize that vision in the current scale of our organization. We look forward to continuing the growth of our firm and network so we can help even more clients on the strategic journey of selling their business and delivering extraordinary value, both for financial net worth and legacy potential.”

About STS Capital Partners

STS Capital Partners is a global sell-side M&A firm like no other. We are expert guides for private, founder, and entrepreneurial business owners on the journey to achieving an Extraordinary Exit™. Our extensive global relationships, world-class team, and proven deal process bring international strategic buyers and investors to the table who deliver maximum financial value. As a result, we help clients fulfill bigger ambitions in life and leave lasting legacies by inspiring charitable donations through our Success to Significance™ program with a goal of raising billions of dollars in new philanthropic and impact capital to support charities like Altruvest, Knowledge Impact Network, and DignityMoves.


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