Tatum and StartupYard Partner to Accelerate Fintech and Web 3.0 Startups with Funding, Business Expertise and a Fast Track to Blockchain Technology

February 28, 2023

Tatum, the company drastically simplifying blockchain applications development, announced it has partnered with StartupYard to accelerate business success and time-to-market for early-stage fintech and Web 3.0 startups through the Tatum Blockchain Accelerator. The program addresses technology and business factors that often inhibit or impair Web 3.0 and digital finance startups.

“Many innovative and promising Web 3.0 and digital finance companies never make it to market due to a combination of decisive business and technical factors,” said Jiri Kobelka, co-founder and chief executive officer, Tatum. “Tatum has long bridged the difficult technical gap in creating or integrating blockchain to applications, and, now, joining with StartupYard, we address the other common factors that prevent great ideas and interesting companies from success.”

The Tatum Blockchain Accelerator provides:

  • €20k in cash as a simple convertible note or SAFE or SAFT, with the option for higher investment
  • 30+ hours of one-to-one business mentoring with experienced business professionals
  • Personalized workshops for best practices and acceleration of marketing, sales, finance and other key business areas
  • Access to vetted business development connections
  • Personal introductions to business angel investors and venture capitalists
  • Validated financial projections and investors deck
  • Improved website presence, SEO and online strategy
  • Tatum Founders Package, free of charge, including:
    • Free Tatum license for 12 months worth over $40,000
    • Enterprise onboarding and architecture guidance by the Tatum Team
    • Node infrastructure support
    • Access to Tatum’s leading network of mentors, investors and partners in the Web3 space
    • Co-marketing to the Tatum ecosystem
    • Personal mentoring session led by Tatum founders.
  • €1m in perks and benefits
  • Access to StartupYard’s international deep network of mentors, partners and investors
  • Legal support
  • On-going support after the program as a StartupYard portfolio company

“Blockchain is an essential element for many of today’s digital businesses, but adding it may add considerable expense and lengthen the time it takes to get to market, perhaps undermining a company’s hopes and business plan,” said Cedric Maloux, managing director, StartupYard. “We have an excellent track record of launching great companies, and, by partnering with Tatum, we can help startups avoid sometimes insurmountable blockchain issues.”

Eligibility for the Tatum Blockchain Accelerator requires that a company is developing an application or service in Web 3.0, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Digital Wallets, Digital Contracts or other digital business and digital finance. Companies must be working on any blockchain protocol, preferably Ethereum Virtual Machine or compatible protocols. In addition, the first iteration of the application should live on or about to go live on Testnet. Candidate companies are selected jointly by Tatum and StartupYard.

There is no upfront charge for the program. Instead, StartupYard issues a capped convertible note valued at €40,000 for participation in the Tatum Blockchain Accelerator. The cap depends on the stage of the startup, but typically varies between €800,000 and €1.5m with a 20% discount. The convertible note is valid for 18 months.

The Tatum Blockchain Accelerator is backed by top Central European Venture Capital firms including, Credo Ventures, Rockaway Capital, Depo Ventures and Purple Ventures. The program also already includes a number of active angel investors. It is a program designed by tech founders for tech founders.

Tatum is the world’s fastest way to build, test and run blockchain applications. Tatum offers a unique, flexible platform for developers to turn their blockchain ideas into reality quickly. Already, over 140,000 companies have been using the Tatum platform to introduce blockchain-based applications. Now, with the Tatum Blockchain Accelerator, the company offers a more holistic approach for accelerating all factors facing a startup using blockchain.

For more information on the Tatum Blockchain Accelerator

To apply to the Tatum Blockchain Accelerator

About StartupYard

StartupYard has been accelerating startups since 2011 by giving them access to new customers, partners and investors. We are the longest running accelerator in CEE, and, since we started, we have invested in companies across 21 countries, with 92 startups having raised over €100m so far, employing more than 1,500 people and reaching customers around the globe.

About Tatum

Tatum provides the world’s first blockchain applications development platform to speed the creation, lower the barriers and decrease the cost of creating blockchain applications. Tatum enables greater functionality, portability, scalability and higher quality without requiring blockchain development experience or expertise. The framework incorporates 60+ different protocols and integrates the use of APIs to fit into existing development processes. Founded in 2018, Tatum has over 140,000 customers and adds over thousands of new ones every month. Tatum is the most used Web 3.0 development stack. Created as a global company, Tatum was founded in the Czech Republic and has its official headquarters in the UK, with a corporate center located in Miami, Florida and offices around the world.

For more information: https://tatum.io/

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