The Dawn of a New Retail Media Era: Assembly’s Groundbreaking European Division

August 26, 2023
Assembly is a global omnichannel media agency within the Stagwell network.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assembly, a Stagwell agency, launches a dedicated Retail Media Division in Europe to meet growing demand.
  • The division promises end-to-end connected commerce solutions for retail and DTC brands, focusing on scaling, automation, and improved margins.
  • Led by Ada Wachowska, the division will tap into various verticals including FMCG, luxury, retail, and consumer electronics.
  • Matt Adams, Assembly Europe CEO, emphasizes the timeliness and necessity of the move, stating that retail media is the fastest-growing channel for media spend.

About Assembly: Where Innovation Meets Impact

Assembly is a global omnichannel media agency that seamlessly integrates data, talent, and technology to fuel growth for some of the world’s most iconic brands. The agency has a comprehensive approach that connects compelling brand narratives with a set of globally-integrated media capabilities, all geared towards driving business growth on a large scale. Notably, Assembly is a part of Stagwell, a robust network comprising multiple agencies specializing in various areas of marketing.

The Retail Media Boom: Understanding the Landscape

Why Now?

Retail media is experiencing unprecedented growth, primarily because it offers brands a lucrative avenue to engage customers right at the point of purchase. According to Matt Adams, Assembly Europe CEO, “Retail Media is the fastest-growing channel for media spend, and client demand for innovation within the retail landscape is at an all-time high.”

The European Retail Media Scenario

The European market is burgeoning with opportunities for retail media, particularly in verticals like fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), luxury, and consumer electronics. Assembly’s move is aimed at capturing this soaring demand by offering a suite of specialized services.

The New Retail Media Division: Bridging the Gap

What’s on Offer?

Led by Ada Wachowska, Assembly’s European Retail Media Division aims to deliver end-to-end connected commerce solutions. These are designed to help brands across various sectors — from FMCG to consumer electronics — to scale, automate, and improve margins at all stages of the consumer journey.

Strategic Partnerships

Assembly has strategic partnerships with various retail partners, including Amazon,, Sephora, and Douglas, enabling them to offer a broad spectrum of services and access to significant retail media platforms.

Expert Team and Technology

The division will start with a team of 25 dedicated practitioners and will leverage Assembly’s proprietary, in-house technology solution, STAGE, for enhanced capabilities.

Integrating and Measuring Across Channels: The Assembly Advantage

Matt Adams points out the unique selling proposition of the new division, saying, “Being able to offer clients an integrated team of specialists who are experts across the European retail media landscape is perfect for clients who want to be able to look across channels, through advanced measurement, and use retail media as a connected part of a consumer journey.”

High ROI with Assembly

Switching to Assembly has proven fruitful for many retail and DTC brands. The agency boasts a staggering ROI increase upwards of 30% on the same media spend when clients transition from another agency or in-house team to Assembly.

What This Means for Stagwell and the Industry

Expansion and Transformation

Assembly’s new division is more than just a new service offering; it’s a signal of transformation within the Stagwell network and the industry at large. Stagwell’s Brand X Performance Network, already a powerhouse with $5 billion in media managed across 60 offices in 20 countries, gets a major boost from this initiative.

The Future of Retail Media with Assembly

Assembly’s foray into the European retail media landscape is more than just a business move; it’s a leap towards defining the future of retail media in Europe. The dedicated division promises not only to meet the existing demand but also to innovate and set new standards in retail media effectiveness and integration.

For more information, you can visit Assembly’s official website

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