The Future of Corporate Travel Retailing: Travelport and Deem Join Forces

August 19, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Travelport, a global technology company, confirms the integration of Deem, a leading corporate travel management platform, with Travelport+ just months after its acquisition of Deem.
  • The collaboration aims to provide a seamless and modern travel retailing experience for business travelers, offering access to diverse content and improved servicing through AI-driven features.
  • The integration of Deem and Travelport+ aligns with the growing demand for a unified tool that streamlines travel booking and servicing while accommodating NDC content.

A New Era in Corporate Travel:

Travelport, a prominent global technology company that drives travel bookings for numerous suppliers worldwide, has officially announced the integration of Deem, a leading corporate travel management platform, with its innovative Travelport+ platform. The partnership marks a significant step forward in transforming the corporate travel experience. This move follows Travelport’s recent acquisition of Deem, an acquisition driven by the shared vision to offer a unified, user-centric, and modernized travel retailing experience to business travelers.

Empowering Business Travelers:

John Elieson, COO and Deputy CEO of Travelport, highlights the importance of catering to the needs of business travelers, stating, “Business travelers want, and deserve, the same modern retailing experience as leisure travelers.” The collaboration between Travelport and Deem is centered around delivering an end-to-end solution that ensures travelers can enjoy a retailing experience that is streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly.

Seamless Content Access and Enhanced Servicing:

The integration of Deem and Travelport+ is set to redefine the corporate travel experience by offering an extensive range of content through a unified platform. Travel management companies, corporations, and travelers utilizing this integration will benefit from a curated Content Curation Layer (CCL) that harnesses AI and machine learning. This feature enhances the search process, providing faster and more relevant results. Moreover, the integration with Deem’s modern user interface ensures that travelers remain compliant with corporate policies while benefiting from serviceable bookings, including those involving NDC content.

A Thriving Partnership:

In the 150 days following the acquisition, Deem has experienced remarkable success, solidifying its position as a leading player in the corporate travel management sector. The company’s achievements include being recognized as a Champion in the Software Reviews 2023 Travel Management Emotional Footprint Awards, expanding its global presence to over 60 countries, and receiving high customer satisfaction scores.

A Vision for the Future:

Travelport’s plans for the future highlight the company’s commitment to innovation and evolution. In the upcoming year, Travelport anticipates significant developments for Deem, including international expansion in regions such as EMEA and APAC. Additionally, Travelport aims to further enhance the user interface, continuing to redefine the corporate travel retailing experience. The company also intends to incorporate enhanced emissions data to align with growing sustainability demands.

A Shift Toward Modern Retailing:

The collaboration between Travelport and Deem underscores the importance of a unified platform that addresses the needs of modern business travelers. The integration combines technological advancements, user-centric design, and enhanced servicing to bridge the gap between leisure and corporate travel. By offering a seamless experience that covers diverse content sources, including NDC, the partnership aims to revolutionize the way business travel is conducted.

About Travelport: Driving Travel Innovation:

Travelport is a global technology company that plays a pivotal role in driving travel bookings for a wide array of travel suppliers around the world. The company’s revolutionary marketplace, Travelport+, serves as a platform that simplifies how brands connect, modernizes the process of selling travel, and facilitates digital retailing. Operating in over 165 countries, Travelport is committed to driving innovation that simplifies the intricate travel ecosystem.

About Deem: Transforming the Travel Experience:

Deem is a trailblazer on a mission to revolutionize the travel experience. Through its award-winning corporate travel booking and management software, Deem empowers employees to make informed travel decisions effortlessly. Deem’s technology interfaces with major travel agencies and expense solution providers, expanding its reach to numerous corporate customers and leading travel management companies. Following its acquisition by Travelport in 2023, the company continues to operate from its headquarters in Oakland, California, and an additional office in Dublin, Ireland.

Unifying Travel for Tomorrow:

Travelport’s integration of Deem with the Travelport+ platform signifies a new chapter in corporate travel retailing. By combining innovation, accessibility, and enhanced servicing, the collaboration aims to redefine the corporate travel landscape. With the goal of delivering a streamlined, user-centric experience, Travelport and Deem set the stage for a future where business travelers can navigate the intricacies of travel with ease, efficiency, and enjoyment.

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