The Mobile Workforce Collaborative™ Brings New Service Options to Global Mobility Leaders

June 19, 2023

The Mobile Workforce Collaborative (MWC), a global collaborative of firms providing workforce mobility services and solutions to companies with cross-border workers, launched a revolutionary initiative that provides a fresh alternative to benefit corporate mobility programs.

“We are excited to bring a new option to mobility leaders, including those who have long been underserved,” Richard Watts-Joyce, MWC EMEA Lead, said. “Through MWC, we have created a valuable infrastructure that provides companies, whether with 2 or 2,000 mobile employees, a tailored service and global reach.”

MWC is a carefully selected community of leading service providers with specialized expertise in global mobility. These firms offer an extensive range of mobility specialties, including tax, relocation, immigration, and more, to effectively address the complexities of cross-border employee mobility. With a collective reach of over 150 countries, MWC ensures clients benefit from world-class mobility knowledge and enhanced data privacy measures.

By engaging under a single agreement, MWC Participating Firms deliver consistent and elevated service standards worldwide. This unified approach saves clients time and reduces administrative burdens, eliminating the need for separate agreements with each office. Clients can trust that their mobility needs will be met consistently, allowing them to focus on their core business while receiving exceptional support from a collaborative of experts.

“MWC is a game changer in the mobility marketplace as we’re able to better serve clients through the collaboration of our like-minded firms,” David Kolb, MWC Americas Lead, said. “As mobility leaders continue to express the need for better, alternative options outside the usual Big 4 firms, MWC is filling the void in the market, servicing programs of any size without compromising on service, global reach or data privacy standards.”

Participating Firms believe all mobility leaders deserve to work with dedicated partners who provide expertise, personalized service, value, flexibility and innovation.

“Encompassing a massive geographical area, Asia-Pacific remains one of the fastest-growing economic regions in the world,” Ernie Thai, MWC APAC Lead, said. “MWC will help to bridge the vast distances across different regions of the world.”

For more information on MWC or to inquire about mobility services, click here.

About Mobile Workforce Collaborative

Mobile Workforce Collaborative Ltd (MWC) is a global collaborative of performance-vetted, independent firms having a collective reach of more than 150 countries, serving companies with a mobile workforce. For companies moving one employee to another country, sending hundreds of employees around the globe or allowing employees to work from anywhere, MWC firms collectively provide the highest levels of client service, mobility expertise and data security standards globally.

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