The Power of Cybersecurity Intelligence: Lord Jonathan Evans Joins HolistiCyber’s Advisory Board

July 22, 2023

Key Takeaways

  1. HolistiCyber, a global leader in cybersecurity services and technology, announces the appointment of Lord Jonathan Evans, former Director General of the MI5, to its Advisory Board.
  2. Lord Evans, with his rich experience in cybersecurity and international intelligence, will augment HolistiCyber’s capacity to defend against nation-state grade cyber attacks.
  3. HolistiCyber’s innovative SAGE Platform empowers Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) with transformative solutions to combat complex cybersecurity threats.

About HolistiCyber

HolistiCyber is a leading cybersecurity defense company that specializes in countering nation-state-grade threats. As a global cybersecurity services and technology provider, it aids enterprises in proactively fortifying their cyber defenses in the face of ever-increasing cyber threats. With a wealth of domain experts from diverse sectors, including government agencies like the FBI, Mossad, MI5, MI6, and the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) Intelligence branches, HolistiCyber offers a unique perspective on assessing and addressing cybersecurity threats.

The New Era of Cyber Defense

Lord Jonathan Evans, with his distinguished three-decade-long career in the Security Service, has made significant contributions to national security and countering global cyber threats. His expertise will provide strategic direction to HolistiCyber and help shape its nation-state-grade cyber defense solutions.

Recognizing the need for a unique approach to combat increasingly sophisticated and well-resourced cyber threats, Lord Evans said, “HolistiCyber brings a new thinking around the cyber challenge, one which embraces the complexity of our environments and works to protect our most important assets.” His confidence in the company’s outstanding technical capabilities, proactive defense posture, and deep real-world experience fueled his decision to join the advisory board.

Revolutionizing Cybersecurity with the SAGE Platform

In an era marked by rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats, HolistiCyber’s SAGE Platform presents a transformative solution. The platform enables CISOs across various industries worldwide to proactively navigate the intricacies of today’s threat landscape and build robust cyber defense strategies. Excited about the prospect, Lord Evans shared, “I am excited to join HolistiCyber and contribute my expertise to the development of the SAGE Platform.”

Embracing the Power of Experience

Welcoming Lord Evans to the team, HolistiCyber’s founder and CEO, Brigadier General (Ret.) Ran Shahor, highlighted his invaluable contribution to the field of cyber operations. He said, “Lord Evans’s international reputation and extensive background in the field of cyber operations will be invaluable as we continue to provide expert cybersecurity services and develop the SAGE Platform to assist CISOs in combating nation-state-grade level cyber threats.”

HolistiCyber’s customer base includes tier-1 financial services, banks, insurance companies, manufacturers, utilities, entertainment, and media companies. With the addition of Lord Evans to its Advisory Board, the company further establishes its commitment to providing the most comprehensive and proactive defense against cyber threats. The move is an assurance to its clientele and the cybersecurity industry that it will continue to innovate and set new standards in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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