Top Dover-Based London Startups Revolutionizing the Apps Industry

January 12, 2024

London-based startups propelling digitalisation in the apps industry have been on the rise, providing innovative solutions to meet the ever evolving needs in various sectors. Today we highlight those which have emerged from 2020 onward, specifically located in Dover, Delaware. These young startups, despite their infancy in the industry, have made significant strides in their respective niches.

Their primary focus ranges across diverse sectors such as Proptech, news media, e-learning, software development and more. However, they all resonate with the core principle of digital transformation through innovative apps. They strive to bridge the gap between consumers, businesses, and technology, making everyday tasks and large-scale operations more efficient and user-friendly.

Immerse yourself in the details below to learn more about each startup, the founders behind these innovative concepts, follow them on social media, and explore their websites for added insight.


Propertify, co-founded by Noshad Rehmani, is an avant-garde AdTech platform aiming to help SMBs digitise their businesses and implement data science for improved market product and price analysis. Serving as the Shopify of Property agents and builders, the platform aims to become the Amazon for property products and services. More about Propertify can be found on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Newsreels is a fast-emerging player in the news media and entertainment industry. It offers a unique platform where users can keep up with national and global happenings. Stay up-to-date with the company updates on LinkedIn and Facebook.

On Wave Group

On Wave Group provides extensive IT solutions including custom software development, mobile app development, web design and more. Their expert consulting and outsourcing services make the digital transformation journey seamless for businesses. To learn more, visit their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Turning teachers into tech-savvy educators, TeacherMade provides a platform to create and grade online worksheets. This app is a boon for educators in the new normal, making e-learning more efficient and impactful. Check out more about TeacherMade on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Spearheading the UX design domain, Techrovista offers a suite of services including web development, testing, and deployment. Their internet and mobile apps solutions are centered around enhancing user experience and delivering seamless digital solutions. Follow Techrovista on LinkedIn and Facebook for more insights.


Co-founded by Greg Lawrance and Tom Vance, ZOONI is a video-only platform redefining social networking using a multi-camera technology that allows fans and creators to effectively collaborate. ZOONI is also determined to make social networking a safer space, free from cyber-bullying and trolling. Learn more about ZOONI on their LinkedIn profile.

Local Links

Local Links, co-founded by Brian Fife, is revolutionizing the hospitality sector by bridging local businesses with tourists. Their human-tech hybrid tool makes it easier for tourists to connect with local businesses conveniently. Explore more about Local Links on their LinkedIn and Facebook page.


Moves, founded by Matthew Spoke, is a banking app designed exclusively for gig workers, providing business cash advances up to $1,000 and free stock in the companies they work for. Stay tuned with latest from Moves on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Founded by Leroy Lawrence, Pigee is a one-of-a-kind omni-shipping and product marketplace travel app enabling tourists to have their purchases shipped directly from street markets and shops. Visit Pigee on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Riftweaver Game Studio

Co-founders Andrew Habers and David Hohusen have successfully created a tabletop RPG accessible via a mobile device. To know more about Riftweaver Game Studio, visit their LinkedIn page.

Equal Time

Co-founded by Kim LaRocca and Rachel Dowling, Equal Time is a tool that uses AI to make meetings and interviews more inclusive while also providing DEI analytics services. For more information, visit their LinkedIn profile.

These startups based in Dover have made impactful contributions to the apps industry. Their innovation, dedication, and dynamism are set to continue pushing the boundaries and shaping the face of technology.

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