Transforming Rail Operations: ScotRail Embraces MRI Software for Streamlined Property Portfolio Management

July 22, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • ScotRail, the Scottish government-owned railway network operator, partners with MRI Software’s Horizon to manage its rental and lease portfolio across 356 stations.
  • MRI Horizon, a leading real estate cloud solution, empowers ScotRail to centralize data, automate processes, and drive efficiencies in station rentals.
  • The decision to deploy Horizon aligns with ScotRail’s digital transformation strategy, streamlining processes after the company came under public ownership in 2022.
  • Horizon’s scalability and flexibility make it an ideal solution for managing complex property portfolios, benefiting both landlords and occupiers.

About ScotRail

As a crucial part of Scotland’s transportation network, ScotRail plays a vital role in connecting communities and ensuring efficient rail services. The publicly-owned Scottish railway network operator oversees an extensive rental and lease portfolio comprising 220 units across 356 stations. ScotRail’s commitment to excellence has led to the adoption of innovative technologies to enhance its operations and streamline property management.

Leveraging the Power of MRI Horizon

ScotRail has chosen to collaborate with MRI Software, a leading provider of real estate software solutions, to streamline its property portfolio management. The company has embraced MRI Horizon, a powerful cloud-based solution trusted by prominent property owners and operators in both the private and public sectors. This move represents a significant step in ScotRail’s digital transformation journey.

With Horizon at its core, ScotRail gains access to an array of cutting-edge features that facilitate the management of its complex lease portfolios. The solution is designed to improve business performance, reduce operational risks, and provide data-driven insights for better decision-making.

A Seamless Transition

ScotRail’s decision to deploy MRI Horizon was born out of its strategic goal to optimize and centralize data management. After bringing previously outsourced activities in-house, ScotRail sought a property management solution that could seamlessly integrate with its newly adopted processes. The intuitive nature of Horizon, along with its impressive functionality, made it an ideal fit for ScotRail’s requirements.

Kerry McKerron, Senior Product and Revenue Development Manager at ScotRail, expressed her team’s enthusiasm for Horizon: “Everyone involved was immediately impressed by how user-friendly Horizon was and the functionality available. Our team could quickly and clearly see how Horizon would fit with our processes and benefit the business. After speaking with other MRI Horizon users in the same industry who successfully use the solution, it wasn’t hard for our team to make the decision.”

Realizing the Benefits

Since the implementation of MRI Horizon, ScotRail has experienced a multitude of benefits across its organization. The platform’s centralized property management database has significantly increased data visibility, empowering the team to make well-informed decisions. The enhanced data accuracy ensures that ScotRail is equipped with the right insights to optimize its operations effectively.

Furthermore, MRI Horizon’s business intelligence dashboards provide ScotRail with easily accessible insights and faster, reliable reporting. These features drive efficiency across the organization, helping ScotRail to better serve its customers and enhance the overall rail experience.

Garreth Cosgrave, Business Development Manager, Strategic Accounts at MRI Software, highlighted the significance of Horizon for public sector organizations like ScotRail: “ScotRail joins a growing number of UK public sector organizations that use Horizon in different ways to manage the complexities of their property portfolios – either as landlords or occupiers. What makes Horizon so useful for companies like ScotRail is its scalability and flexibility. It is a cloud-based solution that can fit into any organization’s existing processes.”

Propelling Rail Operations Forward

As ScotRail continues to embrace digital transformation and harness the power of innovative technologies, its partnership with MRI Software is set to drive rail operations to new heights. By optimizing property portfolio management with MRI Horizon, ScotRail is on a trajectory of enhanced efficiency, streamlined processes, and improved customer experiences.

As a pivotal player in Scotland’s transportation landscape, ScotRail’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge solutions demonstrates its dedication to the continued improvement of rail services. With MRI Software’s Horizon as its ally, ScotRail is better equipped to navigate the complexities of property management and thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

As ScotRail pioneers the way forward, other public sector organizations in the UK can draw inspiration from its digital transformation success story, ensuring that rail operations continue to evolve in alignment with the needs and expectations of modern commuters.

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