Transforming the Future of Plastics: Jodie Morgan’s Stellar Leadership

August 19, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. Jodie Morgan, CEO of Nexus Circular, clinches the 2023 ICIS Emerging Leader Award.
  2. Under Morgan’s leadership, Nexus Circular has made significant strides in advanced plastic recycling, raising over $150 million in equity.
  3. ICIS praises Nexus Circular for its pivotal role in the recycling ecosystem, especially with hard-to-recycle plastics.
  4. Nexus Circular’s proprietary pyrolysis technology offers a sustainable solution for landfill-bound plastics, fueling the circular economy for plastics.

About Nexus Circular

Atlanta-based Nexus Circular has emerged as a pioneer in advanced plastic recycling. Adopting a groundbreaking approach, the company leverages its proprietary pyrolysis technology to convert predominantly landfill-bound plastics, such as films and flexible packaging, into high-quality ISCC PLUS certified pyrolysis oil. This oil can be integrated directly into existing petrochemical frameworks without necessitating further modifications.

A beacon of innovation, Nexus Circular’s advanced recycling mechanism can process a diverse range of waste plastics, accounting for approximately 60% of the total plastic types produced. Their visionary approach has garnered them multi-year offtake agreements with renowned companies like Shell, Chevron Phillips Chemical, Braskem, and LyondellBasell.

A Leader Making Waves: Jodie Morgan

The ICIS Emerging Leader Award seeks to acknowledge leaders who have showcased unparalleled dedication and excellence in their respective sectors. This year, the honor has been bestowed upon Jodie Morgan, CEO of Nexus Circular. Her journey since taking the helm in November 2021 has been nothing short of remarkable.

Jodie Morgan shares her vision:

“We are leading the advanced recycling industry, making a positive impact addressing the challenges of used plastics in our environment.”

Her ambitions are not just limited to words. Under Morgan’s astute leadership, Nexus Circular has witnessed an impressive equity raise exceeding $150 million. Furthermore, her strategic foresight has led to the procurement of long-term contracts to supply pyrolysis oil feedstock to prominent polymer producers. This aids in manufacturing circular virgin-quality plastics, which can effectively replace fossil-based resources.

Reinforcing the Circular Economy

The importance of a circular economy, especially concerning plastics, cannot be understated. Jodie Morgan underscores the company’s trajectory, noting, “With the support of committed investors and strategic offtake partners, our team is rapidly executing the next phase of growth to accelerate the circular economy for plastics…”

Nexus’ role in this transformation is aptly summarized by Joseph Chang, Global Editor of ICIS Chemical Business:

“Nexus is playing a key role in the recycling ecosystem… Scaling up capacity will make a meaningful impact in enabling circularity.”

About ICIS

Independent Commodity Intelligence Services (ICIS) stands tall as a pillar of knowledge and insights across the chemical, fertilizer, and energy sectors. With a legacy spanning over 150 years, ICIS prides itself on delivering precise market intelligence that forms the foundation for countless decisions globally. This encompasses a range of datasets, from price assessments to supply and demand fundamentals. As part of the esteemed RELX Group, ICIS extends its expertise through a vast network of professionals stationed across pivotal global hubs.

The Road Ahead

Jodie Morgan’s recognition serves as a testament to the promising trajectory Nexus Circular is embarking on. As the company continues to redefine the boundaries of plastic recycling, Morgan’s leadership will undoubtedly be pivotal in sculpting a more sustainable future.

In recognition of her achievements, Morgan will soon be presented with the ICIS Emerging Leader Award, and fans can anticipate a captivating video interview post the ICIS Recycled Polymers Conference in Chicago.

For more insights, enthusiasts can follow the ICIS Logo and dive deeper into the transformational journey of Nexus Circular.

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