Transitioning to a Net Zero world: Top Tier Impact is hosting a private Investors Roundtable during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

January 16, 2023

Top Tier Impact is hosting a private Investors Roundtable during the week of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The theme of the event is “Net Zero Transition: Role of Energy, Alternative Fuels and Mobility”.

This is an intimate investors roundtable where investors will discuss in detail the current energy transition. TTI investor’s roundtables include facilitated networking, investment intelligence insights and declaration of Net Zero targets during the event.

Alessa Berg, founder and CEO of Top Tier Impact, said: “2023 is the year of action for Net Zero, both because there is an increasing amount of knowledge in the market and because regulation has gotten intense and detailed. We are glad to support this transition in an actionable way that is informed through our direct insights across all geographies, sectors and stakeholder types.”

This special event is sponsored by Avanea Asset Management and Water Stuff & Sun.

Vazil Hudak, Chairman of Avanea, said: “Avanea is happy to participate in the TTI Davos Investor Roundtable on the ‘Net Zero Transition: Role of Energy, Alternative Fuels and Mobility’ as it is in line with our mission to support decarbonization through investing in innovative cleantech companies and helping them scale up globally. Our investments play an  important  role  in achieving  net  zero  targets  globally  and we look  forward to discussing the new trends in such sectors as batteries, mobility, commodities and digitization that also represent key priority areas for Avanea with other investors.”

Thomas Korn, CEO of Water Stuff & Sun, said: “We are very pleased to support the event and to be able to contribute with our expertise in the energy and hydrogen sector. Because we all agree: energy security and independence are the most important challenges in the years to come, and hydrogen as an energy carrier for renewable energies will play a decisive role for a sustainable energy supply. These challenges can only be solved by building synergies and cooperations, therefore, we are excited to join forces to shape the energy transition.”

Avanea (Avanea) is the next-generation asset manager of Infratech investments. It was born from the will to connect people and foster innovation while tackling decarbonization, to support industry players in addressing their decarbonization agenda. AVANEA focuses on investments and the development of breakthrough commercially viable technologies to be scaled up into infrastructure assets. With a strong track record combining technological innovations with the corporate world, AVANEA provides a circular solution to your needs.

Water Stuff & Sun (Home (EN) – water stuff & sun ( is a hydrogen technology startup which is developing a disruptive storage technology for renewable energies:  the hydrogen battery,  a  two-in-one storage solution that combines a safe, simple and cost-efficient distribution of hydrogen with its flexible integration into various applications. The Company’s vision is to develop the world’s leading standard for green hydrogen solutions, making green energy abundance safely accessible and affordable for anybody, anywhere.

About Top Tier Impact

Top Tier Impact is the global ecosystem of investors, entrepreneurs and professionals focused on solving the critical issues of our time. Across its business units, TTI’s mission is to accelerate the global adoption of impact and sustainability.

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