Two Labs Pharma Services Commemorates 20th Anniversary as a Leading Pharma Services Company

July 8, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Two Labs, an industry-leading pharma services company, is set to commemorate its 20th anniversary on July 1. Founded in 2003 by Rich Wartel, a veteran of Cardinal Health, and currently led by CEO Howard Miller and Principal Will Pih, Two Labs has been dedicated to driving innovation for the betterment of people’s lives.
  • Guided by this principle, the company has experienced remarkable expansion over the years, attracting talented individuals and acquiring like-minded companies that share its values. Today, Two Labs boasts a workforce of over 250 employees nationwide.
  • In the past five years alone, Two Labs made several strategic acquisitions, including Pennside Partners Ltd. and MKO Global Partners in 2018, CEEK Enterprises in early 2020, and Riparian, a consulting and SaaS company, in 2021. These acquisitions have broadened the company’s services and strengthened its position in the industry.
  • Two Labs has not only grown in size but has also expanded its services to include niche offerings within the niche pharma sector. The company has recently launched a Medical Affairs & Communications service for the emerging pharma space, addressing a significant market need, and a Drug Pricing Transparency service to meet the increasing regulatory requirements of product launches.
  • While Two Labs initially focused on supporting generic drug commercialization plans, it eventually specialized in rare disease drugs, particularly groundbreaking cell and gene therapies. To date, Two Labs has been involved in 20 cell and gene therapy products, including all eight that are currently approved and on the market, establishing itself as a leader in this transformative field.
  • Howard Miller, CEO of Two Labs, expressed pride in the company’s growth and unwavering commitment to patients and emerging manufacturers who strive to make a difference. He emphasized the importance of creating a company where employees are proud and happy to work.
  • Kim Cline, SVP of Commercialization Strategy & Business Development at Two Labs, highlighted the company’s accomplishments over the past two decades, including its partnership in more than 280 product launches and the invaluable insights gained through these experiences, which will drive future possibilities.

About Two Labs

Two Labs is a prominent pharmaceutical services company that collaborates with pharma/biotech companies, offering integrated and tailored commercial solutions. The company assists in navigating the path from clinical to commercial stages for new product launches and provides strategies for sustained market success of drugs already on the market. Since its establishment in 2003, Two Labs has played a key role in over 280 new product launches and more than 300 in-market projects, spanning from pre-launch to loss of exclusivity.

For more information about Two Labs and its services, please visit their official website:

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